We aren’t your typical flight training. We specialize in Flight Simulator Training, but teaching to real world standards. Our track record has gone over more than half a decade, and our library continues to grow.

How long we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing, or what we do, is not as important as WHY we do what we do.

We Create Awesome Aviators.

-We believe that it’s not good enough to just get a license- you need to confident, proficient, and ready to take yourself somewhere with your training.

-We believe there is a knowledge side to aviation that meets a very unique creative side.

-We believe great decision making will save your life when knowledge is too late.

-We believe that everyone, all around the world, should experience what it is like to fly and operate a complex aircraft, even if it is with just a simulator. And do so realistically.

-Our crew works tirelessly to bring you realistic, impactful, and entertaining training. We don’t believe in boring, long manuals. We believe in training that engages your mind, and training that is beautiful.

We are Angle of Attack.

We Create Awesome Aviators.

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