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I’m Chris Palmer, Owner and Founder of Angle of Attack. I’m so excited that you’ve found AOA!

Are you new to the world of aviation, flight simulation, or you’re seeking a real pilot rating? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place.


“The What”

At Angle of Attack, our mission is to Create Awesome Aviators. We do this primarily by creating engaging, entertaining and educational video, audio and text tutorials for those wanting to learn how to fly.

You can not only learn to fly smaller aircraft, if you’re just starting out, but also get access to a vast library of knowledge to teach you how to handle the Big Boys- Jet Airliners.

Regardless of the medium you like the most, we have something just for you. Video is what we rock at. Who says flight training can’t be enjoyable?

“The Why”

As real pilots, we’ve been around the block. Flight training is difficult, and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Even if there is great information, it’s rarely in a format that is easy to follow.

In other words, flight training on the ground is plagued with being boring, slow, ineffective and the ‘same old thing’.

We decided to do things differently and make training that engages the mind of aviators so you can more fully grasp the concepts being sent your way.

You can turn you brain off with boring material, or turn it on with entertaining lessons.

Our goal is to help you along the way to become an awesome aviator. We have a passionate community and team to help you achieve your greatest aviating potential.

What We Are Not

We are not an FAA Certified Flight School- Most of our training is based on home-based flight simulators, specifically desktop simulators. Flight simulators are an incredible tool for scenario based training, infinite practice, and a place to hone your skills outside actual flight lessons- all from the comfort of your own home.

The training you will receive is from real pilots, with real experience. However, the training itself it not FAA Certified.

We are not your typical aviation resource- We don’t regurgitate the same old information. Most flight courses out there are the same old information, taught in the same order, with different company branding.

We believe in the spirit of the aviator. We believe flying to be an art form. As a result, our material is artful, beautiful, visually and aurally pleasing.

Flight training should be enjoyed, not simply tolerated.

We are not “Youtube Tutorials”- Our training comes from real pilots, who have been around the block. We work hard to make sure we are teaching you in a realistic way- not straight from a text book.

As a result, you won’t find the kind of mistakes in our videos that you will find on Youtube. Because our pilots are licensed and trained, you get actual information and knowledge that can help you on the flight deck.

This give you confidence that you are doing things correctly, just as they are done in the real world.



AviatorCast is a relativity new podcast that we have started here at Angle of Attack. This podcast, with a new episode each week, gives you a jam packed hour (or more) of useful training tips for actual aviation, and flight simulation.

This podcast is 100% Free, and available from one of the following podcast outlets, or directly on our website:



Are you just getting started with flying? Have you been flying virtual jets, but never got the proper initial training?

Aviator90 is just the thing you need.

100% Free, Aviator90 is a 90 Day, 45 Part video training course on the basics of how to fly.

You will learn basic to advanced techniques, from landing, takeoff, aerodynamics to advanced procedures like short and soft field operations, cross country flight, navigation, and emergency procedures.

Hours and hours of FREE training that has been loved and enjoyed by many.


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Our Products

All Angle of Attack video training products, seen below, have trials available free of charge. Each purchase is backed by a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
aviator90 free flight simulator training and tutorials with video

Free video course for beginners. This takes you through a fully guided progression to the point where you can confidently handle small, single engine aircraft.

IFR multiengine and communications training for flight simulator

IFR, Multi-Engine, Communications and SO much more. With over 100 episodes, AviatorPro will take you much further than Aviator90 in becoming a more professional virtual/real pilot.

jet transition training for flight simulator

Transition from Pistons to Jets. Moving up to a jet is a completely different experience. You’ll need a whole new set of knowledge and procedures. (Coming Soon)

fly the pmdg 737ngx and 737ng with video training and flight training

Learn to fly the 737NG with over 32 hours of video. This is one of our largest, most rewarded, and most in-depth products.

fly the 777 with our flight training base on real pilot knowledge and experience

Learn to fly the 777, our latest and most advanced products. This 777 is second to none in quality. And, all in one of the most technologically advanced aircraft.


md-11 training for flight simulator

Learn to fly the MD-11, a cargo-haulin’ beast. You may not have a great desire to fly this bird that’s being phased out, but it’s a really unique and fun machine to fly.

747 training for flight simulator

Learn to fly the 747 Queen of the Skies. This is one of our legacy products, but still relevant. The 747 is such an iconic truly ‘heavy’ airliner that is a joy to fly.

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We are so excited for you to get started here at Angle of Attack, and hope that you get into some quality training right away. Once you get signed up, we’ll be in touch shortly to see how things are going.

Through some hard work and entertaining study, we know that you can become a better real or virtual aviator by using our products.

Throttle On!

Chris Palmer and the Angle of Attack Crew

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