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with free basic video flight training from Angle of Attack

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Learn Control

Tailored just for you. We made this training with you in mind. You want to learn to fly but gathering the resources can be difficult, frustrating and incomplete. Now you have a source for that information, presenting in beautiful HD video. With 45 Lessons structured to take you step-by-step, there’s no better way to learn the basics than video training.

By Real Pilots

Takeoff With Skill

Youtube? Forget all the videos on Youtube. With Aviator90 you get a complete and comprehensive course that teaches you how to fly. This is real pilot knowledge, taught by real pilots. Not only will you get training on all the essential maneuvers for safe flight, but we’ll also teach you aircraft systems, cross country flying, emergency procedures, and human factors.


Soar the Skies

You must have confidence to fly safely. Otherwise, you’ll be a nervous wreck. Learn that confidence through learning the necessary knowledge, seeing the procedures performed, and then practicing all on your own. It’s easy to follow along. Once complete, you’ll be able to fly full cross country flights with confidence to anywhere in the world.

Beyond Basics

Soar the Skies

Are you already flying advanced simulations? Perhaps you never actually fully trained yourself with the basics. Learning basic technique is paramount before you can fly heavy-metal. Most simulator pilots don’t know the basics, and can’t even properly land an airplane. It’s easier to learn than you may think, and doesn’t take too long.



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