I have some exciting news for you all!

Truth is, I just love teaching. I love to see the progress that someone can make in becoming a better aviator. And I want to do something more.

For that reason, I have decided to start…

Aviator 1-on-1


What is Aviator 1-on-1?

Aviator 1-on-1 is a program where I take on a weekly trainee and mentor that trainee. Your questions, your concerns, your challenges will all be answered directly by me, and I will assist you in whatever you need during that week.

The idea is to jump-start or accelerate your training.

Also, it’s 100% Free. No charge. Just something I’m doing for the community.


What is Included?

So, what is included if you are chosen for Aviator 1-on-1?

1. 1 x one hour session of flight instruction.
2. 1 x one hour Skype call.
3. Open communication so I can answer questions between sessions.
4. Community Recognition

Apart from the actual instruction, you may be featured in AviatorCast, or on our blog. I have no doubt that our working together will bring up interesting discussions that many can benefit from.

Now, I’m a busy guy. I won’t be available 100% of time during this period. However, we will spend a good amount of time together, and you’ll be able to learn a whole lot.

How do I qualify?

You’ll be filling out a survey that will give me all the information I need. I will pick a winner with a randomization software. Assuming you’ve filled out your application correctly (I’ll make it easy) then you’ll be selected, I’ll contact you, find times that’ll work for you and we’ll get started!

Here are the Aviator 1-on-1 Requirements:

  • Must Read and Write English to a level that we can communicate.
  • Must have access to instant messenger, Skype preferred.
  • Must have a mic of some kind so we can voice chat.
  • Enough free time to dedicate a few hours during your week.
  • Basic Contact Information.
  • A Picture of Yourself (a good headshot is preferred).
  • Share something from AOA via a Tweet, Facebook Share, or sharing on a forum (I’ll ask for proof of this in the form).
  • Passionate About Aviation.
  • Ready to Have Fun!

What is NOT required:

  • You don’t have to have a simulator- at least not yet.
  • You don’t need to be a real pilot.
  • You don’t need to pay me anything, or feel obligated in any way. This one is on me!
  • Age or gender is not a requirement. I’ll require parent permission for minors.

That’s it!

I can’t wait to see who ends up being not only the first Aviator 1-on-1 Trainee, but also who the subsequent trainees are. I really love getting to know all of you better, and although I’ll only be able to focus on one or a few trainees at one time, I really try to do my best to reach out and take care of the rest of you.

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