Get Your Head Out of the Clouds.
And Into Instruments.

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All About Instruments

Soar the Skies

Interpret your instruments. Learn to scan your instruments and trust their readings as you penetrate the clouds. Gain control of the aircraft from the second you takeoff in low visibility, to seeing the runway in front of you after ‘breaking out’ of the fog.

Chart Your Course

Soar the Skies

Charts are confusing. You can know how to read any chart and how to fly it well with our extensive library of chart training. Learn ILS, NDB, VOR, LPV, RNAV and more as we fly cross country. Fit the chart logic into your entire flight.

Departures and Arrivals

Soar the Skies

DPs and Arrivals. Even in the most terrain-ridden areas, you too can navigate safely with use of departure and arrival procedures. It’s not rocket science, but it does take some getting used to. Learn how to connect departures to your route, your route to an arrival, and an arrival to an approach.

“Loud and Clear”

Soar the Skies

Communication is key. Talking with air traffic control can be scary, and intimidating. You can learn how to get over ‘mic fright’ with our focus on clear, concise and collaborative communication, even in the most busy IFR environments.

Weather Wisdom

Soar the Skies

Read the clouds like a book. With many sources for weather out there, you’ll learn how to use real world weather sources to effectively and safely plan your IFR flights with weather in mind. Know the dangers of IFR flying by becoming weather savvy, plan according, and fly precisely.

Cross Country Confidence

Soar the Skies

Point A to Point B. That’s what it’s all about. Fill in the details of your flights, and know exactly how to connect all the different IFR procedures. In addition, learn powerful decision making and human factors along the way, increasing safety.

Twice the Fun

Soar the Skies

Double the engines. Fly with two engines in our in-depth and comprehensive multi-engine training. Know the aircraft systems, performance calculations and challenges, and fly routes that are challenging and rewarding.

Complete IFR Aviator

Soar the Skies

Pull it all together. Now you have all the skills you need to be a proficient and confident IFR Aviator, in all different kinds of situations. All the instrument, chart, communication, weather, cross country and multi-engine procedures and come together. Now you’re ready to blaze the skies.

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