Microsoft has officially announced a new Flight Simulator that they are building called Microsoft Flight.

Speculation has been growing since ACES Studios was closed last year. Developers and flight simmers have been scrambling to make sense of why Microsoft would discontinue such a successful and longstanding game.

So, what’s the catch?

Hopefully the catch is something big and beautiful!

Here is what I’d like to see in the new Simulator. Because details are few right now, these are only speculative:

  • Get rid of all the old code-

    Start new for today’s technology
  • Speaking of Technology-

    I want it to run well on Multiple Cores and Multiple GPUs
  • Keep the DieHards in Mind-

    I would like to see the simulator be really complex as we’ve seen
  • Fly Like the Real Thing-

    Flight Simulator is so much different than real flight… I want better flight characteristics!
  • “Reinvent the Yoke”-

    Don’t waste my time, Microsoft… Let’s see something really special here. Take some risks and make this awesome.

    (Note the video is NOT real footage. It’s either CG (my guess) or in game footage!)

    What would you like to see in the new simulator?

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