You may think the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is of no concern to a jet aircraft like the PMDG 737NGX. But you’d be wrong. This system, as simple as it is compared to other systems, provides some very important functions for the aircraft.

That said, we have a bit of news for you:

Our PMDG 737NG Video Courses will include the most in depth systems training we have ever done. This training is called GroundWork.

We can’t give you an exact number now, but this training is going to be hours and hours of HD video for your diehard simulator pilots wanting to know all the details of this sleek machine.

Besides, PMDG went to incredible lengths to make the PMDG 737 NGX to a higher fidelity than any other airliner addon prior.

Below we have a preview to show you. Before that, let me explain what’s going to happen here... Although this is a static document as a PDF, we aren’t exactly a PDF training company, are we? What you’ll get when you signup for our GroundWork course is a comprehensive buildup of knowledge. This particular schematic you see will be built up bit-by-bit on screen, with animated parts, and a thorough yet clear explanation.

Systems the easy way. Just as you’ve come to expect from Angle of Attack.

As always, this is presented in stunning HD, playable on any device.

Have a look!

We think you’ll agree that this looks completely and totally awesome! Our team is more than excited to be working on this project.

But, that’s not all. This is just GroundWork, boys and girls. There is much, much more to come. Stay tuned.

Comment Discussion:

What do you think about the GroundWork announcement and this beautiful depiction of the APU system? Give a shout out to Henry as the newest member of our team as our Lead Schematic Designer.

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  • belderjr

    Looks awesome! Great graphic. Nice layout. Nice that it is in a PDF format for multiple device viewing. Anything for the iPad is highly recommended!

    • We love our iPads! Keep in mind that showing you this is merely showing the kind of graphics we’re using for the video, which you will also see previews of eventually, of course πŸ˜‰

  • belderjr

    Understood. Nice to get a sneak peak! Thanks!

  • belderjr

    I envision having your course up and running on my iPad while I’m flying the 73NG!! How sweet will that be??

    • Totally sweet, and totally possible, since the new website and all the videos (past, present and future) will be iOS compatible. πŸ˜‰

  • signmanbob

    Looking real good Chris. So you will be going deep into systems training on this one, unlike your approach for the MD11 training.
    I think that is a good idea seing how PMDG simulated all of the systems. There has never been an aircraft sim in FSX with all of the systems simulated. AoA needs to be answering all of the questions and covering everything possible.
    I also see a new logo in the corner for AoA!

    • Hey Bob,
      Yes, this will be very, very in depth. The entire GroundWork product will be 100% focused on the systems but it’ll play well with the other amazing things we have planned.

      The logo you see is an alternate text logo we have that works better in some cases. I think you’ll be seeing it on the AOA 737 livery πŸ˜‰

      • signmanbob

        The new logo looks real good Chris. I also like your “swooshes” which are a real good trademark because, by themselves, they need no title to be recognized as AoA. In effect, it is like the Coca Cola or Niki swooshes. It’s very effective branding.
        I look forward to some more previews of the new 737NGX course. It’s going to be as hot as the sim.
        For now, I have to say that I’m really enjoying the MD11 and training.
        I’m also trying to learn the A2A Boeing 377 (without much luck). You got any courses up your sleeve for it?

  • Brad

    Absolutely fantastic! This is going to be the perfect match for the PMDG 737!

    • Hey Brad, we think so too! But you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!

  • Aaron Buchanan

    Looks really good so far guys, look forward to seeing the finished product.

  • KaCe_

    It just keeps getting better at AoA with the VATSIM stuff and the upcoming Multi-Engine training and now this? “SUPER EXCITED”

    Any idea Chris on when the full description of the training will be released? I also assume there will be a full flight section? I would love to see a flight between New Zealand and Australia (fingers crossed) that would be cool! Im 100% for the GroundWork, there’s just something about understanding aircraft systems all the way to when you push those buttons on the overhead.
    The schematic looks awesome!

    • Hey Kace,
      We’ve all been working on a full description of the 737 Training. Because Nick, Henry, Jason, Kevin and some others are so heavily involved in on the project, we really want to get everyone’s input as to what we say in the marketing material.

      These guys are living and breathing the 737NG right now so it’s good knowledge to put together as a team.

  • I am confused about one thing. Can the whole course be downloaded, because in my country the internet connections are very slow and there are frequent power failures, so I really hate streaming on the internet!

  • Christian FΓΌrst

    Hey Chris, I’m really glad to be on board in all your current trainings and this seems to be a great evolution. I’d love the idea to flank (is that the right English word?) the video material by PDFs and supporting documents.
    I’m really excited and eagerly awaiting all your stuff.
    I love the schematic, pleas do more of this!

    • I’m not sure how much the PDFs will be in support of our actual product. We are focusing on making the videos, and not the PDFs. PDFs just allow us to do all our graphics in lossless vector format.

      Soon you’ll see what our 737 Team can do. Should be amazing!

  • John Ellison

    OK CHris, I’m sold…. where is the dotted sign up line? hehe
    Throttle at idle at the moment lol

    • Patience. Soon enough! It’ll be available for all.

  • Trevor Smith

    I am a hardcore simmer been for many years and my family sometimes cant understand my love of this great hobby and you guys at AOA make it even better. I like sims to be realistic as it is possible and the Pmdg 737NGX looks like it is going to achieve this. keep up the great work I am still using your MD11 Training also

    • Thanks Trevor! This goes to show that what Nick, Henry and Jason are doing on GroundWork is quite amazing! Should be awesome stuff.

  • Stuart

    I was struggling to wait for one product, now my pain has doubled. πŸ™‚ I really hope both are released this year.

  • wedge

    Looks really nice I really can’t wait for it. I really like how it will from what they’ve shown and told become the most advanced airplane ever built for FSX. I really can’t wait to put into practice the knowledge I got from the manual, which I’m now using to prepare a real level-d simulator ride which should be quite amazing.

    Congrats for this little bit of information on the ground works and welcome to Henry, the work looks really nice on this schematic.

    • Henry is fantastic and a great asset to us. He and I spent many hours working on this schematic. MANY more to come for every single system we cover.

  • Vincent

    I have a gut feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye, There is a God out there and that is you Chris, Can’t wait for this training i’m hanging but don’t know or how long.

    Great Work, Chris

    • Hey Vincent,
      I wish I could put out this work, but alas, it wasn’t me! And I’m not God, believe me.

      Nick and Henry did all the work on this, I just spread the word. So they deserve all the props.

  • Okay, very curious. Will follow this project. Thanks.

  • Tobias Artinger

    hi chris!

    is it possible to purchase the training on the coming up 737 before you will release it or have I missed a pre-purchase option?

    best regards,

    • I’m not sure what we’re doing to be doing about prepay option. Something tells me we’re not going to start taking payments until we have some content to share. But, you’ll know when and if we are going to do that!

  • signmanbob

    I hope you do like you did before with the MD11 training, and at least open it for the ones pushing at your door at a little discount while there is still limited content. I’d love to get a good peek at what your doing.

    • Yeah, we’re toying with this idea but we’re not sure it’s entirely smart for what we want to do. Perhaps there is a way that we can get a survey done of whether people would be willing to do this or not.

      • signmanbob


        • signmanbob

          Of course this AoA special offer would only apply to the 5 or 6 of us that follow you here (:

  • Andrew Simmons

    im looking forward to the NGX very much and believe it will be one of the best aircraft they have ever done.

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