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I’ll admit. I’m a total fanboy of PMDG.

Why? Because they offer exceptional Virtual Airliners way ahead of anyone in the market.

What is PMDG up to these days? Well, apart from their release of a couple exceptional alternate models for the 747 in the -800 and the LCF, they are working full bore on their new incarnation of the 737; the 737 NGX.

This aircraft is going to be AWESOME.

(Again, I’m a Fanboy)

But WHY is it going to be awesome and how do I know?

I only know because PMDG has always done amazing things in the past. No one can argue that. The record proves for itself. Amazing aircraft, second to none.

Additionally, with recent news from the team and great previews, we are seeing the latest in flightsim visual technology.

Right now we’re only seeing little glimpses of what is going to be offered, but it’s proving to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Just today Robert Randazzo, head of PMDG, put up a post on their forums explaining the amazing virtual cockpit that they are building and showing little previews.


What really impresses upon me about this is the insane visual quality and the ‘used’ look. We are truly getting to a stage with FSX that is quite astounding, and PMDG is leading the way.

Below are some shots

(I encourage you to go to the above link and read Robert’s description. Much better than I could do! There is one last screenshot with framerates that is not included)

PMDG 737 NGX FMC Dust picture in the virtual cockpit

PMDG 737 NGX FMC Dust picture in the virtual cockpit

PMDG 737 NGX VCD on the virtual cockpit displays

So there you have it.

The pictures speak for themselves. This is one of the most detailed VC cockpits I’ve ever seen. Assuming PMDG follows up as PMDG always does with a flight system like the real aircraft (which is really what they are best at) then this will be the greatest airliner addon for FSX to date.

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