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Huge Announcement in this video!



For those of you still awaiting the release of our PMDG MD11 Training, the time is getting closer. Here are a few points made in this video about the MD11.

  • Work Continues
  • We have Dropped the Systems Section of the Product (Watch the Video for a Deeper Explanation)
  • 3 Flights will fill the time left by the Systems Section
  • These flights are: EGLL – LEPA, PANC – KMEM, PHNL – YSSY
  • We are giving a┬átentative┬árelease date of late April into May

New Mark

Angle of Attack has gone through a lot of soul-searching this last year. To celebrate and let the things we’ve learned about who we are and what we want to do, we decided to put an image on our name. Presenting the new Angle of Attack mark and symbol.

We’ve made a few desktop images for common screen resolutions.



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Also, we have coined a new phrase for the diehard AOA fans.


More in the video.

Aviator 90

Alright, so this one I’m REALLY excited about. You’ll notice in the video I got all giddy and smiley.

Aviator 90 is a new 90 day basic flight simulation pilot training course. It is 90 days long, has 45 lessons, is all on video like our other products and…. it’s FREE.

We will be starting Aviator 90 on the 1st of February. If you want us to remind you, just sign-up for our newsletter HERE and we’ll be sure to let you know a few days before it starts.

Aviator 90 is our commitment to better the flight sim community through entertaining video training.

Stay Tuned!

That’s it!

What do you think about all the news? What are you most excited about? We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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