As I mentioned last week, FlightWork is on approach. This means that just around the corner will be a lot of final planning, eventual filming, and then the lessons showing up in your Training Dashboard.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You see, here at Angle of Attack, we pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback and molding our offerings accordingly. It would be a shame if we were to overlook that rare-to-find mentality at this stage in FlightWork.

I’ve been doing training for a while now. I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on what our customers desire, and what the community as a whole needs. But, this isn’t a dictatorship, and that kind of mentality can be a slippery slope to a broken bond between the flight simmer just starting out and the people at the top creating the training.

I was speaking to someone today about the NGX and they mentioned that they’d love to see an in depth explanation of the FMC, as right now they can’t even build a route. This seemed obvious and easy for me. But, then I realize at one time that was me, too. It’s so easy to forget all those little nuggets of knowledge that are gained over the years.

So I thought to myself, why not create a very detailed overlook of what the trainees in FlightWork need?

This is exactly that! Below you will find a detailed survey and some open ended questions. I will be personally reading each one of these entries, as they will greatly effect the training.

Our goal is to have the training be effective for all users, advanced or beginners, and the in-betweeners. I simply want to make sure we’re not brushing over any aspects of the aircraft that deserve some more time and attention. Not only the aircraft, but the flying technique and what can be a complex preflight setup as well, among other things.

Please take 3 minutes to fill out the survey below. Again, I’ll be reading each one of these personally, and I’ll be molding the training to fit the needs of all, as much as possible.

Checkout the results here

Throttle On!

Chris Palmer and Crew

Join the Conversation!
Thanks for the submission! Each and every bit of information I get will assist our team in creating the best training possible. Anything you want to share with the community that you’d like to see? (we won’t be including comments below in our entry. They must be part of our data in the survey)

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