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Booming Voice

“In this corner, weighing in at a heavy quad core and 4 GB of RAM to run, latest creation of ACES studios, we have Flight…. Simulator…. EEEEXXXXXX”

“In the opposing corner, able to run on most any modern machine, old-still functional-but not as pretty, we have A Century…. OF…. FLiiiiiiiiiiiight”

Alright alright… Thankfully this whole ordel is much more dramatic than that. In fact, I’ve seen fights over this issue that would probably be best resolved in the ring. A couple of flight simulator geeks dueling it out… How awesome would that be?!

Recently, PMDG has been discussing their decision to drop the FS9 version for any of their up and coming products. There are some pretty big things in the pipeline, including the 737, Dash-8, and 777 which a lot of people, including me, are excited about.

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PMDG has some valid points here. Although it is rough for people with FS9 to accept, there is certainly a trend in the direction of a greater FSX usership. This isn’t to say that FS9 is bad. I think it just means FSX has greater potencial, and we are just starting to see that potencial.

Therefore, it’s bringing a lot of people over to FSX.

As Robert states,

“This is a business decision, not an emotional one.”

Well said.

As for me, I switched to FSX about 2 years ago. With that said, it took a beefy machine to run it the way I wanted to. But, it also looks better than FS9. Sorry boys… It’s true.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this topics. I’d love to hear what you think about this announcement from Robert at PMDG.

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  • Carlos Zegarra

    I installed FSX late on 2009 mostly because my old computer trembled at the sight of FSX. But I must say FSX is far more attractive that FS9 even with its hunger for power everything looks great. Moreover it can be the last. Would we see FSXI in the future?

    • I don’t think we’re going to see an FSXI! I think it’s possible that X-plane might start taking a serious share of the market if they keep moving in the direction they’re going. Seems to be working well for them so far.

      I do agree that FSX looks a lot better (if setup right). I don’t think it’s fair to compare the default FSX against the addon enhanced FS9.

      • Hey Chris,

        Do you have any general recommendations as far as the settings you like in FSX?

        • Steve, Great Question.

          The best source I have seen for ‘lower end systems’ (but even I use it) is from Mathijs at Aerosoft. The document can be found HERE. These is great for all systems, and surprisingly, takes little ‘tweaking’ like a lot of people get into. It’s very straight forward and simple.

          • Wow- thanks for that! Very well documented and easy to understand.

            Thank you so much, Chris!

        • You’re more than welcome! I found it very useful, so I figured you would too. Please let me know how it goes for you.

  • Paul Bellmann

    Personally, I am maintaining my FS9 platform which suits my needs perfectly. I have enough aircraft and systems to learn for the next decade. I mainly fly IFR by the book, with charts and complete systems and ‘real life’ attitude. This means other than under VFR or checking for Traffic I don’t have time to look out the window at unnecessary eye candy like elephants or giraffes etc. I’d rather read an aviation text or history book in Cruise than waste my time on a few pretty pixels….but that’s just me. The real delight, joy and wealth is from the knowledge gained!!

    I may miss out on some ‘new’ aircraft, but I’d rather be fully proficient and conducting professional operations etc.

    So please don’t forget the Systems training Chris.

    cheers Paul.

    • I think every simmer is kinda different. For me, I really like flying the aircraft as they are intended to be flown, but I’m a nut for that ‘realistic look’. That means that eye candy is really important to me.

      Things like girafes and elephants don’t tickle my fancy. In fact, the only place I’ve really looked around in Africa was in South Africa and Egypt.

  • Leif Mikkelsen (not the Author)

    I can live with their decission, but I think it´s
    still wrong to skip FS9. I will live with those aircrafts I have today, even if I´m uppgrading to a monster machine this coming autumn. Never ever, I will join the FSX comunity. But I will (hopefully) go to the next FS generation, when it comes, in some 5 years from now (perhaps)
    / Leffe

    • Hey Leif,
      I’m just curious why you’re so against FSX? I can see you’re very passionate about that, but I’d like to know the details of ‘why’, just out of curiosity.


      • Leif Mikkelsen (not the Author)

        FSX for me, looks kinda cartoonish and I can´t see, that I would achive more realistic flying experince than I have in FS9 today. I have nearly all the best addons there is for y FS9 today, so it´s a completely NEW sim than it was in late 2003. For example:
        1. UT-text.(Europe, US, Canada, Alaska)
        2. GrEnv pro
        3. AS6.5
        4. REX
        5. FSscene (texture South America and Africa)
        6. MyWorld Mesh (nearly the whole globe)
        7. MyWorld LC (the whole globe)
        8. More than 45 Purchased airports
        9. PMDG 747,747F, MD11
        10.FeelThere 737PIC
        11.CoolSky´s Super80
        12.Captain Sims 757
        13.Electronic Flight Bag (FSWIDGET)
        14.Radar Contact
        15.TrackIR pro
        16.Vroute Info Premium
        17.MAP (FeelThere)
        18 AES (Aerosoft)
        Lots and lots of very good freeware.

        Now… for me to achive the same relistic flying
        enviroment as I have today with such smooth perfomance and good FPS, I had to spend 100 and 100 of $, and it would only bring me maybe up to the same level.

        I agree that maybe the coming ac with it´s new teknologie would be nice to have, but just look at the MD11 and the 747 for FS9, it´s no diffr at all comparing to the FSX version. (maybe only some night lighs perhaps, in Flightdeck)

        I think a new ac (737NG2)could be made as good (nearly) as the FSX version if they would do one.
        But I guess they won´t, so then I have to live with those ac I have today. Can´t fly more than one anyway. I don´t spend the whole year just simming, it´s only during late autumn and the winter season. When springs and summer comes, I never touch my sim at all. There´s also a live somewhere out there 🙂

        / Leffe

        • Those are certainly some good reasons for wanting to stick with the sim! The great thing about Flight Sim is that it is so diverse. It can mean all things to all people that love flight. Very cool.

          Also, I do hear what you’re saying about ‘There’s also a life out there somewhere’. Sometimes we just need to get away from the computer, go and fly for real, or just enjoy the outdoors!

  • Paul Bellmann

    I agree with Leffe completely. My perspective is that FSX is somewhat a Game with it’s ‘missions’ and caters well for this market. As I use my FS9 Sim as an ‘affordable’ Aviation Training Device (of sorts) for putting into context academic knowledge and practice the skills of flying different aircraft types.

    This philosophy sits comfortably aside my real recreational flying at my local airfield(s).

    An upgrade to FSX would do nothing for me other than take dollars from my A/c Rental budget.

    • We talked about this quite a bit last night on FSBreak ( and some said the same about FSX.

      I’d have to respectfully disagree that FSX is more of a ‘game’. Although it does have the missions and things of that nature, keep in mind that nothing was subtracted from that of the FS9 version. Still the same functionality.

      So for those of us guys who probably take all of this way too seriously, it works well and has some code built into the engine that give it greater ‘looks’ potencial.

  • Murilo Branda

    I have a i7 and 4gb ram and i prefer the FS9 because of the addons.

    • Yes, for me I didn’t switch to FSX until there were some really compelling addons that I liked. That took a while for me.

  • Jeffrey Gerbert

    I for one still love FS9 and I also have FSX.I am running FSX on a quad coore 2.6 8 gigs ram and GEForce 9800GT video card and with the sliders at normal get 10-12 FPS at KATL.I am running UT2 with new service pack but I run FS9 with My Traffic and get 25-30 FPS with most sliders to the right. I also run FS9 on my laptop which is new and dual core and installed FSX and had frame rates of 3 fps on normal so that caused me to uninstall FSX but FS9 is running fine on the laptop. I have both and will continue to fly both versions.

    • Jeffrey,
      That’s doesn’t sound normal at all. Checkout comment #4 above and see what that document can do for you. It worked wonders for me. It’s at least worth a shot.

      I wish I had a laptop I could take on the road with FS! But, then again, I just take my Mac and work anyway, so guess there wouldn’t be a point. One day, though. One day.

  • Ah, the old FSX vs FS9 battle.

    I’m still using both simulators fairly extensively now, and I would have to agree that there is a different feel between FS9 and FSX that can’t easily be explained, but makes FS9 seem more realistic for IFR flights in the flight levels (while FSX seems better for VFR and low altitude flying).

    FSX does have its problems. It was designed for the high GHz machines that never appeared but instead went the way of multi-core boxes which are much more feasible (after all, we’re only getting back up to 3 GHz now with i7 machines). It also doesn’t work well with all configurations (could be Jeffrey’s case).

    That said, FSX is still a great simulator, and offers plenty above and beyond FS9. Even ignoring the business case that PMDG is making, FSX offers much more to the developer.

    Now that Aerosoft may develop their own flight simulator, things could get interesting. According to Mathijs at, “AFS2012 will be based on Windows7/DX11”. I’ll be covering some of this in an upcoming post on my blog (

    • Thanks for the thoughtful post, Jon.

      I think it’s fair to say that we’re all pretty interested in what Aerosoft is doing. It should be very interesting to see what they come up with.

      We are living in some really great times in FS. There are many awesome things coming our way. Looks like we’re gonna get the flight sim bug even worse than we already had it!

  • Kacper

    Ok here is my thinking about the whole thing.I personally prefer fsx in the way it looks but fs 9 is FAR MORE reliable.fsx crashes really often while fs9 bery bery rarely.I don’t know why but its not my problem but one many people I know it occurs to.I prefer fs9 only cause I prefer playable games over nicer grafics 😉

    • I’m confused, so do you prefer FSX or FS9? I’m an FSXer

      • Kacper

        I prefer fs9 but only because its more reliable.I can’t stand anymore of this crashing of fsx which happenes really often :/ .

  • Hi guys , I’m getting a new gaming pc ( at least 3 ghz). Should I buy FSX or FS 9?

  • You know…they do have “Microsoft Flight” on the horizon though. Keep that in mind! 🙂

  • Flight Simulator X

    Since the release of Texture Booster Pack FSX there was a strong demand
    for a FS9 version of this product. Texture Booster Pack FSX is a
    bestseller on one of the flight sim sites that the FSX version of this
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    changes to fit FS9.

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