MJetSet Training from Angle of Attack. Well, we’ve finally announced what it is all about HERE.

But, we want to really make JetSet a special and unique product, tailored to what the community needs. We can’t do that without knowing exactly what you want.

So we have a created a survey, which is located below. This will take you through all we would like to know to better structure the curriculum, and create what the community needs.

This will only take 1 minute. We’ll be reading each and every entry and each piece of data. It’ll be tremendously helpful!

Don’t count on the ‘other guy’ to do this.

It’s totally up to you!


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  • Ray

    Looks like the JetSet suvey ran out of gas at the Flying Online question.

  • Ray

    Here is as far as I could go.

    • tamunoz

      Ray see my post above.

  • Jim Comiskey

    Apparantly a problem with survey. It shows errors have been highlighted, but nothing highlighted. Don’t see any way to submit the survey. Possibly done automatically?

    • tamunoz

      See my post above.

  • Randy Manning

    Great! sight ,You are doing a great thing, especially for those who might be wanting to learn to fly a real plane some day, this will help in there learning.

  • Phil

    ATC hold up I guess! flight plan completed, waiting clearance to post!!


    • tamunoz

      See my post above.

  • Tomas Munoz

    got to TO. No submit button. AGAIN TEST YOUR SURVEY BEFORE PUBLISHING. Its the way to show some RESPECT for your members

    • Tomas, I can’t test everything when everything is fine on this end. Nothing I can about things like this that happen.

      • tamunoz

        Don´t know if others submitted as I did. Hope so, so that desires are relayed to AOA.
        Try to Test by signing in as a “user” from a dffertent PC, to see what your Clients see. Its that simple.

  • tamunoz

    Came to the JetSet site from link on email.
    THEN, signed in. JetSet not to be found.
    Searched for JetSet page and then, and ¨only then¨, did the full survey and submit button appear. Hope people read this and it helps.

  • Zl2bmh

    I am very excited about Jetset and would like to learn everything there is to know.

  • Tc294t

    I think this will be a very worthwhile project. Should help lots of people appreciate the value of video training and remove some of the nervousness of flying big jets.

    Well done! (so far!)

    • Totally agreed! I’m excited about putting together the information you guys have placed in the survey and coming up with a curriculum. Should be great!

  • Guest

    Everybody…..see tamunoz post above!!! Lol

    • tamunoz

      My Post is below not above. WORKS OK.

  • Mike Dessenov

    I agree with all the worthwhileness of this project completely. However, isn’t it better to maybe to invest more “manpower” at this moment in projects that are currently in progress, which I would say, isn’t at desirable level now. Getting one lesson in hardly a month is somewhat kills all added value i think, – i’m progressing in a real training much quicker than with AoA actually. However, if for this project you meant to hire additional people, see my comment as obsolete 😉

    • What training are your referring to exactly?

      • Mike Dessenov

        Well, mostly the AviatorPro. The 737 training is also a bit slower than I expected however in more considerable amounts than the AviatorPro and I can understand the reasons behind it.

        • We are going as fast as possible on the 737 project. It takes a LOT of work. Hopefully FlightWork isn’t as difficult to produce, but it brings it’s own challenges.

          AviatorPro has been a bit slow because of the complexity of the lessons that Jordan is putting together. However, there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • Scott

    Any update on where you are at with Jetset? I signed up a while back and haven’t seen or heard anything about it in quite a while. Is it on the back burner for the time being?

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