We’ve been getting many excited people through our virtual doors the last several weeks checking out the 737NGX. Granted, we didn’t make the aircraft as full credit for that goes to PMDG. We are, however, producing a very in depth and solid video training course on the aircraft.

This video above is simply Nick’s unscripted thoughts on the aircrafts external features. You’ll quickly notice just how knowledgeable Nick is with this aircraft and how much of an advantage that’ll be when we go to shoot scripted and structured training videos. Apart from that, there is a lot of eye candy.

Nick also wanted to leave this disclaimer, because it is not the type of video we generally produce:

  • I made this video to show the aircraft to another member of the AOA team who is entitled to the wide beta but has had computer troubles and is not yet able to use it. It was intended to show him the aircraft so that he could get an idea of the equipment simulated. It was therefore entirely off the cuff, unscripted and not intended to be instructional in any way.
  • This video therefore does not reflect the standard of our final training product. It is rough, and my informal, off the cuff explanations may at times be inaccurate.
    Our final product is meticulously scripted and structured so as to provide the best learning experience.
  • This video was intended solely to put across my initial thoughts and a quick look at the incredible depth to which PMDG have simulated the 737NG.

Apart from Nick’s comments, I’d also like to add an additional disclaimer:

  • This was shot with the BETA version of the aircraft. We’ve seen a lot of complaints that if BETA testers can have it, it may as well be released to the general public. There is a very real and very important reason for the BETA process in any development. With a few minor flaws (and I do mean minor) in the overall amazing external model you see here, it’s apparent why any company must go through this type of phase.
  • You’ll also notice 2 things that Nick mentions are out of place. First, the hydraulic resevoir is incorrectly sized and second, the bleed air anti-ice ports on the leading edge of the wing aren’t textured correctly. After speaking with PMDG, these are already being fixed and will reflect in future BETA builds, and the eventual ‘retail’ model that’ll be in your hangar. In other words, it’s a non-issue, and something that was so minor to begin with, it just goes to show how much detail PMDG places in their products. Anything slightly out of place sticks out like a sore thumb. We consider this a positive!
    There are a few things to polish up, but even with that said, PMDG’s model is above and beyond any other 737 you can compare it to in the FS world. Bold statement, but we’re simply stating the facts as we see them.

    Enjoy this video and be on the look out for the hour long, in depth look at the cockpit of the 737NGX coming very soon.

    Throttle On!

    Angle of Attack Crew

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    What did you notice in this video that you hadn’t seen before? What got you really excited about the external model?

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