Pinch yourself. Right now. PINCH! Yes, you’re alive. This isn’t a dream.

The last few weeks things have really come alive. For the first time you’ve seen the PMDG 737NGX is all its glory. Then came our recent videos that showed the extreme depth of the systems modeled, and the beauty and realism of the model itself.

Several days ago PMDG announced the release date for the 737NGX.

And now, they have announced the price.

Pinch yourself, because the PMDG 737NGX release is just around the corner, my friends!

Although I’d rather have you go to PMDG’s website and checkout what Robert has to say HERE, I’ll shoot you the details of what’s going on here:

  • The 737NGX will be $69.99 USD for the 800-900 for a limited time.
  • Later the 600-700 will be $24.99 USD.
  • Other packages will be released later for a TBA price.
  • The PMDG 737NGX will be updatable in the future, when/if PMDG implements newer technology in their sims.
  • PMDG support will be on hand to handle any support issues ASAP around release.
  • Other details to see in their post.
  • No animals were harmed in the process of making the PMDG 737NGX (ok, made that one up)

While we’re on the subject of pricing, and especially because there has been a lot of controversy in the past over the price PMDG placed on their products, I want to talk about AOA’s view on pricing in the flight simulation industry:

If you look around at your life you’ll find that you actually have many hobbies. Perhaps you like skiing, or fishing, or heading to the cinema on a Friday night with your lover. It could be that you really enjoy eating.

How long do these events last? How much are you paying for these events? How much value per dollar are you really getting from that fancy meal you just ate, or that newest action movie you just saw?

Take a look at the price tag of the new PMDG 737NGX.

$69.99 USD.

How many hours are you going to be flying this realistically modeled, incredibly capable and immersive hunk of tin?

The point we’re getting at here is that you are going to spend hundreds-and-hundreds of hours with this simulation from PMDG. Although $69.99 is a steal of a price for this simulation, it’s worth taking a real look at what kind of value these simulations bring to our lives.

I know full well that we are in a world where currencies are different and $69.99 may be your budget for the month in groceries. I know there are many retired simmers out there that are on a tight budget because of their retirement, and they are just as passionate as the young lads that don’t quite have a debit card yet and get their parents to buy these aircraft for them, splurging their months allowance.

It’s difficult to take the plunge on a product like this knowing that the cost is steep. But we simply want to add some perspective by saying that these simulations are a work of art and incredibly valuable.

Your PMDG 737NGX will keep giving back.

It’s not going away.

It doesn’t end like a movie, and it isn’t polished off like an expensive glob of ice cream.

Once in your hangar, there it remains, loyal and ready for your skillful hand to bring her back to life.

$69.99 is a meager entry price for such an amazing array of future experiences in what has become a beautiful world in FSX.

And next week, like many addons before, it’ll be available to you for an extremely reasonable price for how much it will keep giving back.

Throttle On!

Angle of Attack Crew

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What are your thoughts on product pricing? Do you think this price from PMDG is fair?

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