7 Signs You're A 777 Addict

Have you ever wondered why a particular aircraft drives a deep passion within? Why the shape and angles on one flying machine stir more emotions than another, equally as capable aircraft?

Are you a Premature Jet Jockey?

Sitting left seat at the controls of a Cessna 152 II, my first flight lesson was about to commence. Sure, I’d flown really complex jets in flight simulator before, with a varying degree of success. And this couldn’t be anywhere near that complicated, right? I had this.

The Mystery of Flows vs Checklists

Yyou’ve just arrived on the Flight Deck. You’re already behind schedule, and you have to get the aircraft ready to go for the next flight. The passengers are already filing on board, and the flight attendants are finishing their duties.

The Ultimate 737 FlightWork Preview

This is for you 737NGX drivers out there that haven’t quite jumped on the band-wagon yet and joined our in depth training for this aircraft. Admittedly, we don’t do a great job sharing with you just how in depth our training is. Today, I want to give you a deep look at just how detailed our training is.

Time Flies: What is your 2013 Flight Training plan?

Every new year, most people start to think about what they want to achieve with this magical new time that is given us. A new year comes every year, yet, we all still strive to be better, do better, and achieve lofty goals.

The Preflight Plague

A 41 year Senior Captain clicks the door behind, entering his Airline’s crew planning area. Meeting him there early and eager is a young fellow, 30 years his younger, the first officer for the day- a lucky guy, having gotten on the heavy aircraft.

5 Handy Tips for Solid Hand-Flying

These days, the art of hand-flying seems to be a bygone era. Unfortunate as that may be, it’s the result of highly automated aircraft taking the flying opportunities from pilots. Catch 22 works in ironic ways, as the pilot is the one that has to turn on the autopilot in the first place, making him the creator of his own demise.

YOU Are the Weakest Link!

Flying is as dangerous as we make it, and by that I’m implying that pilots are generally the weakest link in the accident chain. The majority of accidents are often the result of pilot error. Now, I’m not implying that airplanes don’t break, (because they often do) but I’ve seen too many accident reports that could and should have been avoided based on how the pilot reacted to the situation.

Great Pilots are not Rare Pilots

This morning I had a sharp reminder of how un-rare great pilots are. Through a few videos, I was reminded of this simple fact: Rarely do we hear about great pilots. Generally we hear about the “horrible pilots”, and get the scewed news stories. But, that’s the news, isn’t it? If there aren’t blood and guts, they won’t report on it.

What's the Weather, Stan?

The environment that we operate in is constantly changing and as pilots, we often need more detailed information than what the weatherman typicality brings to the table in order for us to to safely plan for our flights.

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