At last! Training for the PMDG 777. We have worked around the clock since the PMDG 777 Release, and we are now ready to open up our training doors.

Really, work started over a year ago on this massive project, but we had to wait until we got the PMDG 777 to finish.

What is Available right now?

GroundWork- Systems Training


All of our GroundWork Training for the 777 is available. This is by far the most impressive training our team at AOA has produced to date, and we know that you’ll find it entertaining, enlightening, and educational.

Safety Systems

Aircraft Lighting – Length: 14:47
Caution and Warning – Length: 19:30
Terrain and Traffic – Length: 17:47
Fire Protection – Length: 40:48
Ice and Rain Protection – Length: 30:05

Controls Systems

Hydraulics – Length: 35:40
Primary Flight Controls – Length: 37:18
High Lift Controls – Length: 29:38
Landing Gear and Brakes – Length: 25:19

Engine Systems

GE90 115B Engines – Length: 38:34
APU – Length: 35:25

Air Systems

Air Conditioning and Pressurization – Length: 30:24
Bleed Air – Length: 25:53

Fuel & Electrical Systems

Fuel – Length: 23:31
Electrical – Length: 42:10

Autoflight Systems

Autoflight and FMS – Length: 48:09
Cockpit Instruments – Length: 27:31

Total Length= 8 Hours 42 Minutes


FlightWork- Dubai to Amsterdam

Knowing the systems is very important, but we know you want to fly. That is why our own Nick Collett, a licensed ATPL pilot, has put together a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, leaving out no detail. Learn exactly how to startup from cold and dark, program and run an FMS, in addition to hundreds of other tips, tricks and bits of real world knowledge.

FlightWork also comes with two other flights that Nick is working on. Paris to San Francisco (Trans-Atlantic, NAT Tracks, ETOPS), and Chicago to Hong Kong (Polar). You’re sure to get some stellar training with those flights as well.

Total Length= 2 Hours 43 Minutes


We can’t wait to see you inside the training!

Throttle On!

The AOA 777 Flight Crew

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