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What would it be like to not have to bring up menus to customize your aircraft anymore? What if you could just customize it right from say a panel. Better yet, what if you could customize from the FMC?

Well, the ingenuity of PMDG shows it’s face again with 11 pages of ‘On the Fly’ customizable features about the aircraft. Everything from the eyebrow windows, to the SATCOM, instrument options and a whole lot more is at your fingertips. No reloading, no pesky menus, just super simple customization right from the sim.

***UPDATE: PMDG informed us on Facebook that this was just 11 pages of EQUIPMENT, not to mention all the other customizable items!***

This sort of thing is extremely rare to see these days in addon aircraft, and I dare say I’ve never seen it on an airliner.

Not only is this thing really intuitive and awesome, but the AMOUNT of options is pretty staggering!

It goes to show that the 737 NG from PMDG will set itself apart from competitors. Very, very far apart.

We will be sure to show you this in our up and coming, in depth video course on the PMDG 737 NGX.


What do you guys think about this customizable aspect of the PMDG 737 NGX? Does it get you excited to make the aircraft your own?

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