3 Rockin' Environment Addons You Need

Is your simulator environment a little dry and boring? Fear not, we have a couple addon recommendations that will really blow the socks off your feet, and the wheel pants off your 172.

New AOA Experience Coming Soon

Isn’t it about time for a major update to FlyAOAmedia? Check out some of the great new features we have coming to your training experience.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #15 of 15

Because the APU is so similar to the main engines, this clip may confuse you first as an animation of the engine. However, you’ll see here how air flows through the APU, is compressed, and then turned into bleed air.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #14 of 15

The 777 system High Lift Controls is more traditionally known as Secondary Flight Controls. This consists of slats, spoilers, and flaps. Obviously, logic of this system is of the utmost importance, as it assists the pilots in dynamically changing the flight envelope for takeoff, approach and other situations.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #13 of 15

How is bleed air fed from the engine to the bleed air system? Well, it’s not exactly summarized in a sentence or two. That’s why we spend a lot of time showing you just how it works.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #12 of 15

Yes, even the APU is a complex set of moving parts. It’s not simply just a turbine engine in the tail, but it has it’s own unique ways of cooling, generating power, etc.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #11 of 15

Jets spend more of their flying time in environments unsuitable for human life. Yes, it’s in our own atmosphere. But you won’t last long in the Flight Levels without oxygen and a heavy set of winter gear.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #10 of 15

When the 777 first entered service, it was a whole new type of aircraft; highly digital, modeled and tested in 3D, efficient in many respects. In this increasingly digitized environment, there would be a lot more computers managing aircraft operations.

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