20 lessons, 9 hours, 27 minutes, 54 seconds

Over the past 11 months our team has been working their buns off delivering our most comprehensive systems training to date. Thousands of hours, many meetings, and a whole lot of hard work and perspiration later, we’re DONE!

20 lessons, 9 hours, 27 minutes, 54 seconds

Here is a breakdown of included sections:


Aircraft Lighting Time=17:39
Caution and Warning Time=25:03
Emergency Equipment Time=16:27
Fire Protection Time=29:47
Ice and Rain Protection Time=30:20
GPWS Time=54:23
TCAS Time=26:07

Engines & APU

Engines Time=36:08
Auxiliary Power Unit Time=22:15


Hydraulics Time=33:01
Primary Flight Controls Time=36:58
Secondary Flight Controls Time=20:35
Landing Gear and Brakes Time=22:25


Bleed Air Time=21:51
Air Conditioning Time=19:25
Pressurization Time=25:20


Fuel System Time=32:54


Electrical System Time=33:38


Autoflight Time=20:30
FMS Time=17:48
Instruments Time=25:20

On a personal note, we faced a lot of adversity with this product that we didn’t foresee. Things go pretty tough for a while, but we knew we had to pull through and make things right. Although it was our most ambitious project ever, we knew we could do it.

In the coming days and weeks we will be giving you more previews of the 737NGX GroundWork Training. One big thing for all to look forward to is the Study Guide we will soon have for public use and review of what is available.


Instant Access to all the GroundWork Training

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