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For some time now, the great folks at Digital Theme Park have been hosting multiplayer flight servers for everyone’s enjoyment. They have regular tour events, ranging from the Pacific Northwest to New Zealand. They feature guest speakers, provide piloting classes, and otherwise just have a lot of fun flying the skies together. Today, we’d like to bring your attention to a particular type of event they’ve been hosting:

IFR Challenges

DTP’s IFR challenges are there to provide you with some particular aspect of flight, be it enroute navigation, departures, arrivals or approaches that are difficult and challenging to master. We think that the IFR challenges are a great way to learn something new, fly new places, test your skills, and have fun flying with other like-minded people. To that end, we are encouraging every AOA member to join us at DTP for future IFR challenges that we’re putting together in coordination with Digital Theme Park.

IFR challenges are currently being held every other Wednesday at 2000z / 1PM PDT. The next challenge has been provided by our own Jordan Krushen, and we encourage any of our members that have specific challenges in mind for our other members (as well as the general public) to submit them to us.

You don’t need any client software. The Digital Theme Park server uses FSX’s built-in multiplayer support. Just connect to the DTP TeamSpeak server at ts3.digitalthemepark.com and someone will help you get connected.

The IFR challenge details will be given at the appointed time, and it will be up to you to perform whatever preflight planning tasks are necessary and be on your way. Expect some surprises, expect some challenges, and of course, expect some IMC.

The next IFR Challenge is next Wednesday, May 9th at 2000z. It should be noted that for those that can’t make it at the scheduled time, once the event is live the info will be posted for all to use, so you’ll be able to set up your weather as indicated and fly the challenge yourself offline whenever you’d like. We hope to see you there!

Download the trailer. Whether it be our HD version, or the Mobile version, get your videos downloaded for offline viewing.

[S3FILE file=’aviatorpro/video/IFR/IFR_TRAILER_HD.mp4′ anchor=’HD 720p Format’]

[S3FILE file=’aviatorpro/video/IFR/IFR_TRAILER_MOBILE.mp4′ anchor=’Mobile Format’]

[S3FILE file=’blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/DTP_IFR_Challenge_1.pdf’ anchor=’Challenge 1 PDF’]

[S3FILE file=’blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/DTP_IFR_Challenge_1.zip’ anchor=’Challenge 1 flight files’]

Any questions? Ask away!

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  • I’d like to add a couple things:

    First, this isn’t a hardcore, examiner watching you and grading you kind of flight. This is just to challenge yourself and have some fun flying with others. If you’re nervous about flying online with others and communicating over TeamSpeak, don’t be–it’s a lot of fun!

    And if you crash, don’t worry about that, either. We’ve all done it, so you shouldn’t get too much of a hard time. 🙂 I remember a flight to Orcas Island with the gang, beautiful flight and approach, only to hit the brakes too hard in my taildragger Scout. I nosed it right over on the runway for all to see. A little embarrassing, yes, but funny, and entertaining for everyone else. Don’t let that keep you away from a guaranteed fun and enjoyable experience!

    Second, due to some implementation issues with the RealAir B60 Duke, that aircraft tends to flood multiplayer servers with an excess of updates, so we recommend against using it for this next challenge flight, even though it would be an ideal aircraft. The Turbine Duke, however, runs just fine in multiplayer, so this could be a good excuse to bring it out of the hangar.

    This next challenge is in mountainous terrain, so choose your aircraft accordingly. The Turbine Duke would be perfect, and you might be able to squeeze a lightly loaded 737 into where we’re headed, but you had better know how to handle it with stick and rudder in a very tight circuit. I’d recommend something a little smaller. 🙂

  • Oh, and I almost forgot. This next challenge is in ORBX’s Northern Rocky Mountains area. It should be doable without the scenery, of course, but the shots you see in the vid are all taken with the scenery. I deliberately didn’t show the runway or the field to not spoil anyone with the location.

  • Bruce

    I look forward to your challenge Jordan. DTP is certainly a fun place to fly and if you have any problems there is always someone there to help. Whatever type of flying you do you will be in good company.

  • Tc294t

    Am I right in thinking we are talking here of GA aircraft rather than the heavy metal?

    • Bruce

      Will definitely be suitable for F33 / Duke types………..not to sure about heavies as Jordan is planning this one. Previous IFR Challenges have bee suitable for heavies all be it a very short haul, unless you change the departure location. At the end of the day it is all about the arrival.

  • Bruce

    I am quite disappointed at the response (or lack of it) to Jordan’s “trailer”. Is it a percieved lack of ability that is frightening people off?
    Where are all these hotshot NGK guys? Surely not out of your comfort zone are we?
    Join the fun & let’s ALL get lost together………………and learn something at the same time.

  • Tim(Tc294t)

    Thanks Bruce for the reply. I will check here regularly and hope to see some heavy metal action in future events. In the meantime I must scrub up my MD11 procedures!

  • Rafael

    Has been a while since I attended the last group-flight; shame on me. Will definitely try to make it today. Even though I don’t know how my NDB skills are at the moment. The GPS is spoiling me ;).

  • Bruce

    Jordan, Thanks for the very nicely put together challenge. Started of VMC but soon changed to IMC in the mountains around Castlegar.
    Rafael, good to fly with you again & hope to see you at future events.
    Tim, to answer your original question it was suitable heavies.
    Great fun, must refly it & see if I can improve on the NDB skills————-only went slightly off course.
    See you next time!
    Nice one Jordan.

    • Rafael Kuehnel

      Yes, Thanks Jordan for putting together this flight. I went of course quite a bit. My A36’s RMI does correct the heading automatically. I will need some more training to get accustomed to reading and flying with the NDBs. In my opinion the NDB stuff is one of the most challenging things to do.
      I thought as well on a possible future challenge. It’s a leg I did a couple of times already to train my Vatsim skills. Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) – Innsbruck (LOWI). Innsbruck has a quite famous LOC/DME approach with circling on rwy 08. There’s as well high mountain terrain around and only little space to manoeuvre. It’s a 30 mins flight from EDMO to LOWI. Could be something to keep in mind.

      • Rafael Kuehnel

        Correction. The A36’s RMI does NOT correct the heading…

      • Bruce

        Oh boy, the circle approach into LOWI. Now that IS a challenge and will be posted at a future IFR event AFTER I have practiced it about x10.
        I’ve downloaded the charts etc a while ago but then didn’t have time to fly it (Actually I chickened out, the shame of it!)

        • Rafael Kuehnel

          The good thing is, there’s plenty of runway in Innsbruck. The last time I flew it the controller wanted to go to bed and offered me a direct, but tailwind landing with ~20kts, and that wasn’t a problem at all. Even the heavy metal should have no problems there.

  • Bruce

    Jordan. There has been some interest from the land down under, otherwise known as Oz, about the recent IFR Challenge. I have passed on the flight plan link you sent us but I was wondering whether you are going to post full flight info together with the Wx files? Time difference prevents them from taking part with us.

    • Golfguyw5

      I too would like to see the flight and Wx files posted. Hope it can be soon. Thanks

      • Files are linked in the post downloads now. For the correct weather/location/time, just load the flight in the zip file.

        • Dennis

          Thanks Jordan. Looking forward to flying it.

  • Ohh I wanted to partake in this but did not realize it was on May 9th.. Will there be more? I would love to do some with you guys..

    • Bruce

      Hi Eamonn, there is generally an IFR callenge to fly every two weeks & have been running on DTP now for about three months (see what you have been missing ) Get over to DTP where someone will introduce you to all the FSX activities plus much more. Speak to you soon.

      • Ohh awesome, I will do that.. Sounds interesting.. better then the usual flying I do..

  • Dennis

    Jordon you little devil. Just flew the first leg from CYLW to CYYF and loved your little “surprises”. Also could have used an approach plate to Penticton. Found one online eventually. Looking forward to the second leg.

  • Bruce

    Another Digitalthemepark/AOA IFR Challenge this Wednesday June 6 at 2000z Teamspeak details as previously posted by Jordan.
    Willows Glenn KWLW to Metro Oakland KOAK, weather will be set on the server by Zoo. Suitable for Heavy & GA (heavies can choose a different departure point as they wish) We will met on TS 30 minutes before the event. This is a learning event so if you screw it up, so what, you can always refly it better next time out. Have fun.

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