VIP Shuttle – 737NGX VOR-DME Approach Challenge

Test your Non-Precision Approach Skills with a low-viz VOR-DME approach into Canberra, Australia! The name of the game here is taking a break from the ILS and LAND 3 functionality! This is a scenario outline and walk-through of a VOR-DME … Continued

Gliding: Your Last Chance at Survival

Ok, so we’ve all been nose-deep in the 777s FCOMs recently looking up every little detail on how to fix any little problem that can happen, and hopefully a good number of you have delved deep into our 777 training … Continued

Unattainable Perfection

Each day we strive to be better. We try to remember to take out the trash on time, pay that bill on time, eat fewer calories, be more kind, take more time with family, or even as simple as spending a full two minutes brushing our teeth rather than rushing through it.

Are you a Premature Jet Jockey?

Sitting left seat at the controls of a Cessna 152 II, my first flight lesson was about to commence. Sure, I’d flown really complex jets in flight simulator before, with a varying degree of success. And this couldn’t be anywhere near that complicated, right? I had this.

Time Flies: What is your 2013 Flight Training plan?

Every new year, most people start to think about what they want to achieve with this magical new time that is given us. A new year comes every year, yet, we all still strive to be better, do better, and achieve lofty goals.

The Preflight Plague

A 41 year Senior Captain clicks the door behind, entering his Airline’s crew planning area. Meeting him there early and eager is a young fellow, 30 years his younger, the first officer for the day- a lucky guy, having gotten on the heavy aircraft.

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