Over the past several months we’ve been getting a lot of requests to update our forums. Finally, we’ve found a solution that we feel will work long term. We were holding out to make sure we found the right solution, and we believe we’ve found it.

Here’s why:

– The platform used is familiar to simmers. It’s the same software used for Avsim, ORBX, REX and other popular online forums.

– Single Sign On (SSO) will be available, meaning you can login to either our training website or the forums, and the login will work on the other.

– The development of the software is moving forward, which is hard to find with forums. Usually it’s a bunch of people manipulating opensource. Because they’re charging money, they are actually doing well in continuing development.

– We can match the design of the forums to the look of our website.

– The forums are responsive, meaning you can use them even on a smartphone and they’ll look great (no app to download).

There are of course many other reasons, but you can simply find those out for yourself.

But, don’t listen to us. Go check out the forums for yourself and see how great they really are!


After you have a look-see, come back and let us know what you think.

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