Spice Up the Pattern

Flying in circles can get old; spice it up a bit and hone your aviation skill while flying the pattern

Thank You

Each year, I take the opportunity to reach out and tell all of you thank you on Thanksgiving (in America). I do hope it’s not the ONLY time you will hear this from myself, on behalf of ALL of Angle of Attack, but regardless, it’s something I like to do.

Death Of George (The Autopilot)

It’s a clear sunny day and ATC gives you your takeoff clearance.  You advance the throttles and smoothly accelerate the aircraft to VR and rotate.  Upon positive rate, you retract the gear, and at 400ft. you hit the Center Autopilot in Command.

Why I Haven’t Slept

It’s your fault I haven’t gotten any sleep. But don’t worry, I still love you guys- and can’t wait for what’s next!

3 Rockin' Environment Addons You Need

Is your simulator environment a little dry and boring? Fear not, we have a couple addon recommendations that will really blow the socks off your feet, and the wheel pants off your 172.

Your Airplane Will Always Lose to a Mountain

Are you Jones’n to get over the mountains fast, and to your destination sooner? Think again. Take some time to plan, and make sure the aircraft is even capable of tackling the task.

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