There are a lot of switches and stuff… but can you believe that they ACTUALLY do something? That’s right. This aircraft isn’t simply eye-candy and moving gauges. There are real consequences if there is a system failure or mismanagement by you, the pilot.

One of the major challenges we all face as flight simmers is the fact that, for many of us, we have never stepped foot on an airliners flight deck.

That is not to say that flight simulation isn’t full of it’s share of pilots (every member of our team is a pilot). But it just goes to show that trying to jump into a very complex and fully simulated airliner like the PMDG 737NGX can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

Crews training on the real aircraft go through weeks and weeks of training to get certified, and then eventually approved by their airline through actual flight experience.

This takes countless hours of study, patience, simulator rides, and perseverance if nothing else.

Through this video you are going to see Nick explain some very complex logic in the 737 systems. In fact, compared to some of the systems, this actually isn’t very complex

Regardless, you’ll see why many will be like a fish out of water with this aircraft. With use of the proper training tools, however, you can be confident in operating the PMDG 737NGX even with random failures enabled.

This will make for a fulfilling and exciting career as a virtual 737 pilot.

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Nick also wanted to leave this disclaimer, because it is not the type of video we generally produce:

  • This video does not reflect the standard of our final training product. It is rough, and my informal, off the cuff explanations may at times be inaccurate.
  • Our final product is meticulously scripted and structured so as to provide the best learning experience.
  • This video was intended solely to put across my initial thoughts and a quick look at the incredible depth to which PMDG have simulated the 737NG.
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Did you find the depth of the systems fascinating? What was the most impressive thing you saw?

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