New AOA Experience Coming Soon

Isn’t it about time for a major update to FlyAOAmedia? Check out some of the great new features we have coming to your training experience.

Site-Wide FanCon Special

What could be better than attending AVSIM’s FanCon this weekend? How about getting the same deal that people at the show get, but wherever you are in the world? More details inside.

AVSIM FanCon Details, Events and Deals

As you all know, there is a large flight simulation convention in Wichita, Kansas coming up this weekend. Angle of Attack will be attending. We’ve been hard at work getting things together for the show, so we can give you some freebies and also some awesome offers. But most of all, we can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible!

Crossing the Atlantic in Style

The year was 1927.  Several aspiring aviators had died in pursuit of the Orteig Prize, being the first to cross the Atlantic non-stop. A young, American pilot named Charles Lindbergh was the next pilot up to the challenge.  He was sporting a snug, single-engine piston Ryan NYP airplane dubbed the Spirit of St. Louis.  The weighed down airplane barely cleared telephone lines when taking off of the muddy runway.  Over the next 33.5 hours in the cramped cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh battled storms, icing, fog, and navigated by the stars to arrive exhausted but safely at Le Bourget Airport in France. Eighty years from this monumental feat, we have come a long way in making oceanic air travel safer and much more comfortable.

U.S.A. – U gotta See America

The wind is howling, lightning is flashing, and you are wrestling the 777 down to achieve another safe landing.  Passengers think airline pilots are crazy, adrenaline junkies that actually enjoy this “terrifying” experience.  Believe it or not, us pilots do actually like a calm, clear day every once in a while to enjoy the beautiful scenery across the U-S of A.

Mark the Date! We'll be at FanCon

Captains and Trainees, we’re excited to announce that Angle of Attack will be attending FanCon. FanCon takes place May 3rd-May 5th of 2013. We’ve been making preparations over the past several weeks to make sure we make an impression.

777 Training Team Bios- Robert Hoisan

I’m Robert Hoisan and my main job at AOA involves animating and video editing. I bring to life wonderful static illustrations created by a hard working team and I do so under the strict guidance of another hard working team that deals with scripts and storyboards.

Limited Supply: Reserve a 737 or 777 T-Shirt

What better way to celebrate the completion of the 737 Training and the start of 777 Training? We’ve ordered a very limited supply of T-shirts and would love to put your name in line. But, we’ve only ordered 100 shirts, so you’ll need to hurry!

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