One thing we pride ourselves on at AOA is how much we listen to, rely on, and put into our products the feedback and suggestions we get from trainees, pilots and customers. Of course we get lots of suggestions without asking, but now we’d like to ask what you’d like to see.

At Angle of Attack we also believe that our design, website, user experience and products all go under somewhat of an ‘evolution’. This means that we are constantly trying to improve, little-by-little, the way we show our training, how you experience it, how well the website is designed, and so on.

We know that we aren’t perfect, but we sure try and make the training on our website a memorable and valuable experience.

Internal discussions have already begun on a major evolution jump for our website. If a website could have a version like software, this would be our jump from say 4.5 to 5.0. (Yes, we’ve done that many major design face-lifts on our website).

However, we want to include YOU (yes, you) in on this discussion process and start to gather ideas for the improvements and enhancements that we can/should make. We already have a long list gathered from the feedback we receive day-to-day, but now we’re inviting all, and possibly you more timid readers, to step up and say what you’d like to see.

In the form below you’ll see an area where you can match your feelings with a statement. This will give us a general idea of how we’re doing in certain areas and gauge whether some current ideas are worth pursuing. You’ll also see a wide open box where you can make detailed suggestions based on your own words (this box is where things can get really good).

Let me emphasize: We truly do value your feedback, and we plan on evaluating all the submissions for ideas on how we can improve.

The end goal is to have a sleeker new website that is much more easy to navigate, an e-commerce experience that gets you in the training quickly, and most of all, a training experience unmatched by many other organizations that do flight training, real or virtual.

So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill this out.




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