What a surprise! Recently a few members of our team (including me) went to Wichita, Kansas for AVSIM‘s FANCON Flight Simulator Convention. To our surprise, we got an award at the Awards Banquet. We truly weren’t expecting this, but we certainly are honored.

In the video above, you may or may not be able to make out what was said. Essentially, I was accepting the award (as the head of this company). But, the award wasn’t actually made yet… Awkward! But a handshake and a promise were all we needed, and even the honor to be awarded in the first place.

Here is the award:

A Bravo Zulu Award for Best Training. Our company was awarded this at AVSIM FANCON 2013

Over the course of the several days at FANCON, we met a lot of fantastic people. It was really great to meet customers face-to-face, make new friends, and create business relationships with the vendors.

Here are some super cool companies we were able to meet at FANCON:


Above and beyond all that, it’s great to simply be around other like-minded people that not only have a love for aviation, but for flight simulation as well.

Truth be told, you and I are not alone in this world! There are MANY people out there just as passionate about this industry, if not more so, than you and I.

I met many people that have been working on their own homebuilt simulators for years. Spending countless hours heads down in a mechanical slog, figuring out functionality of even the tiniest switch, these guys are true warriors.

It was also very interesting to meet people who were not flight simmers, but actual pilots looking to augment their training. This is a trend we feel that will become more common in flight simulation. That is that pilots will be using a simulator to help them out with real world training, or to stay proficient. Of course it can’t replace it, but it sure can help.

In closing, we are incredibly grateful and honored to be awarded the Bravo Zulu. We know that we have a great responsibility to deliver quality training to the flight simulation community. In the coming months, we have some great things to share with you, and major improvements to what we already have. We cannot wait to show you!

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