(Gotta respect this guy for putting together a video so quickly after release. Jolly Good Show!)

We love the 777. That is why we created 777 Training. Out of all the aircraft we could work with, we wanted to work with the PMDG 777.

PMDG has just released the 777-300ER Expansion and SP1. Now, we’re sure you want to know all about the latest updates and additional features, so we thought we’d put everything in one place.

There’s a lot of information out there, and it’s quite hard to find, so here it is.

What was fixed?

Hundreds of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements were made to the simulation. Really, a lot of them!

Then there is the FBW (Fly-by-wire) system that was greatly improved, and reworked. If you thought the original PMDG 777 was impressive, it’ll feel even more realistic now.

What was added?

Weather Radar

Why does WX Radar matter? Because it makes things more realistic. Until recently, with ASN (ActiveSkyNext), it wasn’t possible to get realistic depiction of precipitation density and accurate radar. Now, it is possible.

Marry that up with the stellar coding and modeling from the boys at PMDG, and you’ve got yourself a solid Collins WXR-2100 modeled. This thing looks and acts just like the real thing. Here are some videos to whet your appetite.

ASN is required for the WXR-2100 to work properly.

More info here.


Ohhhh, how cool would it be to have an airline headquarters simulated? Request a route, get winds, destination weather, and so much more. Well, MANY of these functions are now possible with the ACARS and SATCOM modeling in SP1. SUH-WEEEET!

More info here.

Completely New Model

I saw some rumors that said, “This is just a visual model”. BS, kids! This is a fully modeled 300ER. The dynamics are different and realistic. It’s more sluggish in the air, more challenging to handle on the ground, yet still feels like a quality jet made in Everett, WA.

More info here.

Where to buy?

The expansion pack is available exclusively on the PMDG Website. It’ll cost you 29.99, which many are calling a bargain. We agree! The 777-300ER is an amazing aircraft that will no doubt be a joy to simulate.

The 777 Base Package is REQUIRED for the 777-300ER. Additionally, if you already have the Base Package, you MUST update to SP1.

Other Helpful Links

777 Training

Don’t forget that Angle of Attack offers 777 Training to comprehensively show you how to not only fly this aircraft, but also a ton of information about the systems. Flight simmers spend so much time and effort on realism and extra FPS, when some of the best realism can be gained through proper training. We invite you to get signed up today, or get a trial and test out the program for a week. You won’t be disappointed!

Sign Up Here


We hope you are enjoying the shiny, new PMDG 777-300ER, or the overhauled 200LR, straight out of the shop.

Either way, fly safe and…


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