5 Essentials for Long Haul Flights

Are you looking to get started with long haul flying, or perfect the skills you already have? Long haul if fun and easy if you have a bit of knowledge.

Death Of George (The Autopilot)

It’s a clear sunny day and ATC gives you your takeoff clearance.  You advance the throttles and smoothly accelerate the aircraft to VR and rotate.  Upon positive rate, you retract the gear, and at 400ft. you hit the Center Autopilot in Command.

10 Power-House Aircraft Made in the US of A

What are the top aircraft made in the USA? We’ve put together a highly opinionated list of the Top 10, but we know there are many other greats! This is a post you shouldn’t miss. Lots of great videos and pictures!

3 Rockin' Environment Addons You Need

Is your simulator environment a little dry and boring? Fear not, we have a couple addon recommendations that will really blow the socks off your feet, and the wheel pants off your 172.

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