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Through all of the recent video tutorials that Angle of Attack has done, I’ve made sure to make the environment that we film in as real as possible.

This means that we invest in the latest and greatest addons for flight simulator, and we keep our systems top of the line.

I get questions almost every day asking, “Chris, what addons do you use?” or “Wow! What is your hardware setup?!”.

Well, one of the AMAZING weather addons I use is called REX; Real Environment X.

REX is way more than just weather textures. It has sky textures (dawn, day and dusk), all different cloud types, different runway and taxiway textures, water textures and bump maps (different wave types) and so on.

If you’re looking for the hands down best enhancement to your simulator that’ll make the biggest difference right away, REX is it.

Now… REX was released a while ago. BUT… They just released a FREE 9GB upgrade. That basically doubles if not triples the textures that were already available!

So that is what this post is about. REX has just released Overdrive, and it’s available for download.


You must be an existing REX owner for this to work (and it’ll work if you become an owner today).


Who out there owns REX? Can you verify my glowing review of this product? Let’s show REX that AOA and it’s Trainees LOVE their great stuff!

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  • TIno

    Great Idea to bring this up!

    Personally, I can’t fly without REX. It gives the feel that your actually “There”. I like the fact that there are thousands of ways to customise the look of your own sim. For that reason alone, I think it’s worth it!

    I love the feeling when I get home from work, start up the sim and just glance at that sunset. For me, this is what it’s all about!


    • Amen to that! It’s quite amazing what this program does, and it’s so simple.

      I literally load up REX each time before I fly, hit Random, and install the textures.

      It’s never the same look. Never.

      Now it’ll be even MORE random and fantastic. I’m really loving the new water.

  • KaCe_

    Hey Every1

    About a month Ago , I too purchased REX 2.0 and its the best investment you can make for your Flight Simulator. I think its really well priced and good value for money @ USD $39.94. Compared to all the others out there like Active Sky, FSMeteo and a few others it certainly is the best Weather Engine/Texture out there for Flight Sim in my opinion. But competition is good!

    I however have one problem , since my system @ home is a little on the old side I notice some Lag when using REX 2.0, Im on Win7 32bit at the moment with 2.0gb Ram. Do any of you guys think getting more Ram will improve it? FSX runs smoothly with no problems at all without REX 2.0. Chris’s Rig is awesome how he hits FLY NOW and the Aircraft is loaded withing 1 sec Lol. I hope to buy a new Rig soon hopefully enhanced just to run FSX.


    • 2GB is really low for RAM and FSX. I think RAM can only help your situation over all.

      In the meantime, you can try the lower sized textures available in the settings of REX and that’ll help performance.

      But yeah, 2GB is too little.

      • Raymond Jornd

        So, Chris…

        How much RAM is the minimum recommended these days? I know you can’t ever have too much. 8GB, perhaps?

  • Tomaz Drnovsek

    I use REX2 and Active Sky Evolution which has this snapshot function for different weather conditions. I never thought of hitting “random” before every flight but now I’ll definitely do that from time to time. I don’t imagine flying without either of those two addons. REX really brings so much to realism… one of the best addons for your money!

    • I haven’t tried out ASE too much yet. I’ve had a lot of problems with it, so I’m reluctant.

      • Tomaz Drnovsek

        What kind of problems?
        The only problem I had was sudden wind changes which resulted in strange behaviour of Lvd767 and PMDG 747 autopilots. I solved that with FSUIPC.

        • Mine were a result of incorrect temperatures aloft, making the engines basically not able to produce enough power.

          Still baffles my mind. Only happened with PMDG aircraft.

  • Hello.

    Well I never really used the random but since I had discovered REX, quite lately to be honest as it was with the REX2 version, I’ve been blown away by the drastic change in the display of the sim. Such amazing clouds and lights that just looked gorgeous, and if they manage their next idea that I had seen pictures on their forum with clouds casting shadows on the ground, then it’ll just be perfect.

    I also since recently use it with the complement of ASE which is much better for the Weather handling I think, with wind smoothings and things like that that makes the both working pretty well together, one for the texture, the other for the handling. I can’t wait tonight to be able to try that Overdrive version.

    And I’ll add to the question to know about your hardware that just gives very nice result and must be pretty high end to be able to add video shooting to flying. I’m planning to get a new computer, well make would be more appropriate, and I figured if you’d give a bit of info on your hardware spec, I was planning for an i7 proc, with 6GB of DDR3 with triple channel, a good mother board, probably an Asus as I used quite a lot of there product without problems, and an Nvidia card, maybe a GTX480 fermi based, as I know nvidia cards gives best result for FSX.



    • Jordan Krushen

      Many pilots on VATSIM that I know of use ASE for the weather itself, and REX for textures. They don’t like how long REX takes to update the weather, so it’s the best of both worlds—ASE for fast, smooth weather changes, and the REX textures to gawk at.

  • KaCe_

    Hey Thanks Chris for your opinion, its so true! I will definitely buy some RAM soon! I think Win7 32bit only supports up to 4gb of RAM, is that true? Cause I’m not sure on how many buy.

    • 4GB is ALL RAM. Video RAM, Sound RAM, and Memory.

      So if you have a 1GB card, and 512 of sound ram, that only leaves 2.5 GB of RAM available with 32bit.

      64bit, you won’t have this issue.

  • Bob-Ski

    The first time I used REX after installing it WAY Back I couldn’t believe what I was missing. REX is one application that makes flying FSx what it is for me today.
    I know that I won’t get to see the places in-person but when I see them with REX running I feel almost like I’m seeing the reel thing.

    Bob Ski

    • No kidding, right? It’s quite incredible in how it really immerses you.

  • Bruce

    Love Rex2. Just downloaded & installed “Overdrive”

    It just got better!

  • Scott Sinclair

    I have to echo all the sentiments above…it is incredible!! I took my first flight with the overdrive installed from Concrete (and thought of Chris’ fun takeoff!) down to Portland. It was truly magic!! It poses somewhat of a sticky problem: the clouds are so pretty to look at, but they block the view of the awesome terrain!!! So the clouds parted before me and I was able to enjoy both! It really was one of the best flights I have ever made in Flight Sim and Ive been doing this for over 25 years!!!

    • Wow Scott! That’s really saying something.

      It just gets better and better and I’m always surprised at the new things I see.

      In the up and coming session for the Handflown ILS in the MD11 Training, Nick descends through a thick layer of overcast that just looks absolutely incredible.

      Good times!

  • Edward Hunt


    What do you recommend for general ground scenery?



    • Ground Environment X, Ultimate Terrain X and ORBX stuff are all great. If you get ORBX stuff, you probably won’t want to leave their coverage area.

      GEX and UTX are more broad and less detailed, but still good for the ‘in between’.

  • Bruce

    My recommendation for what it’s worth
    Rex2+Overdrive up above &
    If flying arround Australia or the Pacific Northwest areas (soon to include Northern California, I think) It has got to be OrbX’s PNW
    Anywhere else UTX with GEX on top of it
    As Chris says once flown in OrbX territory why stray from it, you’ll only be sad!

  • REX2+Overdrive is incredible.. Once I got over the huge download all was good.

    I am working on getting Orbx + GEX + UTX sceneries.. I have to tweak my Overclocking settings on my i7 processor a bit first.. I have an i7 920 and I got her up to 3.2Ghz, I want her up to 4.0 Ghz stable.. I can get her there but she runs way too hot for my liking.

    Once I have all that then i will get some heavy duty sceneries but REX is just amazing.. Never have I seen such quality in FS since wayy back in the day flying out of meigs field on a monochrome screen using FS version 1. I was 3 at the time. 🙂

    • I run my 920 at 4, it’s definitely worth getting it there. Temperature wise, you’ll need a good cooler to keep it within a sensible range.

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