Yet another incredible set of screenshots of the up and coming PMDG 777. We have been working our tails off having training done for you day one. But we, like you, just love seeing this aircraft come to completion.

That is why we’re excited to show you the latest screenshots released by PMDG. This just goes to show how much detail and work PMDG infuses into their products. Now, you may accuse us of being fanboys. However, to be completely honest, we know a quality product when we see one. And when we see another company match the quality that PMDG is known for, then we recognize that quality.

So, these screenshots are below. We’d also LOVE to hear your comments below. So make sure to chime in there.

And last, but certainly not least, make sure to check out the AVSIM post with details from Robert Randazzo.

Just after takeoff. One distinctive features of the 777 is the landing gear.


There isn’t much to not love about a 777F. So elegant.


Notice the hot, red brakes? That’s what will happen with too much braking.


What is not to love about this night lighting? So realistic!


Really loving the position lights here.


Just after landing. Perhaps after a 15 Hour Long Haul?


“Heavy lift controls” on the 777, not secondary flight controls.


Spoilers, brakes and coming to a stop.


Great tower type view of the landing, just after touchdown.


A “spotters” view. Don’t tell me you’ve never gone spotting.


Well, well. This shot is the bees knees. Can it get any better?


Ocean below you, miles behind you, and a long journey ahead. Can’t wait!


This view is incredible. And just about the epitome of the 777.


This is the typical kind of view I love.


Incredible detail on the landing gear.


We love the unfinished look.


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