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We’re ready to tell you about JetSet. Here you’ll learn what our plans are and how to get signed up!

JetSet is a FREE Jet Transition Video Course from Angle of Attack.

We have a great beginners course with Aviator90— a solid IFR, ATC, and Multi-Engine program with AviatorPro— but what about those wanting to get to jets?

The issue is that most people jump into jets, like the PMDG 737, 747, MD-11, just to name a few, with little to no experience in these complex aircraft.

You can imagine this is frustrating.

Flying something like a jet brings up a lot new challenges. You’re moving along faster, dealing with most any weather (with some exceptions of course) and you’re taking on a whole new list of things you need to learn.

Well, we don’t want to leave you behind.

JetSet will be 100% Free FOREVER. And when it starts, you’ll be one of the first onboard.


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Are you excited for JetSet? What do you most want to learn about Jets?

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  • Aer2853

    Great !

  • Interesting idea, and free none the less. 🙂

  • Lukas


  • F Mantellini

    I really hope you will discuss about the FMS in Citation X

    • I’m sure we’ll be discussing FMS in general. Whether it’ll be in the Citation X, I don’t know.

      • Mgreenaway

        Hi Chris.
        I like Jimz12bmh being a pensioner (My dogs eat better than me) here in Scotland Have to Justify on what I spend on my FSX Been a simmer since the days of FSX5 Loved your first series for light aircraft Learned moor in the10/12 weeks than ever in 30 yrs mucking about by myself So I never bothered with Jets But thanks to you and the crew heres my chance Cheers

      • tamunoz

        Most FMS´s in Light Jets are a joke. Eaglesoft´s are not.

  • Dennis

    VLJ’s like the Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 100 would be great for a next step up from twin piston GA aircraft.

    • tamunoz

      Totally agree that´s the way to go. Let´s hope AOA is listening

      • Well, the logo is the Citation Mustang… so… 😉

        • Dennis

          Chris, that would be an outstanding choice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Nick

    Any rough idea when the first videos will be surfacing? Super pumped!

    • Hey Nick, sometime in the next month I’d believe. I want to be done with the series by the end of Summer. There’s still a lot of prep work to do! Besides, you guys are choosing the sections to do, not me.

  • Zl2bmh

    I would like to thank the AoA team for the chance to learn free some important facts about jets, hopefully airliners. as a pensioner it is not easy to just sign up and the amount, but with thanks to this company we get to learn at no cost. I for one am extremely grateful to you, and i must say your web-page is a delight not only to find my way around but the content makes it a ‘must come back’ site.

    Well done AoA. Before closing, I know at least one of you, if not more live in Alaska. Have you ever thought about making small airports for Alaska, the more remote the better.

    Good luck to you all.
    Jim, zl2bmh.

    • Hey Jim,
      Glad to see you so excited about what we do here! JetSet will be a great course. It’s shaping up to be quite the series based on the responses I’ve gotten so far.

      As far as airports, we don’t really do addon scenery like that. ORBX announced they are working on Alaska. We’ll leave it to them 😉

  • Hubinsc

    Any rough idea when the first videos will be surfacing? I don’t see any vids yet.

    • No real idea yet. I want to have the whole series done by end of summer, though.

  • Wayne

    Hi there just scanning the blog and it appears you have struck upon a massive need. I am very new to simming and have much to learn on VFR and IFR before I ever get to jets but having some transition training is ideal and for FREE that really is astonishing. Well done and I will view with envy from the seat of my Cessna 172!

    • One step at a time! There’s a lot of material here for all experience levels. If you aren’t ready with all the beginning stuff, then you won’t be ready for jets. But it looks as though you’re plugging away!

  • Greg

    so whats happening with this? i signed up a while ago… nothings happened so I signed up and paid for MD11 training instead! So although jetset sounds great it would be a backwards step after the MD11 training – which was awsome…

  • Andre

    Hello there Chris, im an airline pilot, and actually, some interesting topics for you to approach on the upcoming jet trainning, would be, how to plan a jet flight from the beginning. Starting with what route to choose. What is your minimum FL, considering obstacles or some ATC restriction, how much fuel should you have onboard, what weeather requirements should you have at destination/alternate… Can you comply with the SID climb gradient…you had an engine failure, what are the general procedures for such? Loss of cabin pressure… Fuel leak.. You arrive at your destination, RVR is at xxx meters, what will you do, etc etc etc.

    I hope you like the idea,

  • Andy Browne

    Is this still being made? I only ask because looking at the comments below, some of them go back 2 years. Just seems like a long time, but certainly not complaining.

  • Tim

    I was wondering when JetSet is released because it’s a long time when it was announced

    • Very long time! We’re still wanting to do it, just haven’t got around to it yet.

  • jazzmanPL

    Some update, please 🙂 ?

  • jazzmanPL

    Some update, please 🙂 ?

  • Tomaz Drnovsek

    Was this project abandoned?

    • No necessarily, but it was placed on hold. A very LONG hold.

  • Anhad Jangra

    Is the project still going ahead?

    • As of right now, no. We’ve been working on some other big things in our professional services that haven’t allowed us time for this.

  • Antonio Aviation

    There is an estimated launch of Jetset? I know you may put this project on hold but almost 4 years and still not a recent update or anything like that.

  • Ryan

    You guys should probably remove this from your website if it’s just going to be “coming soon” for another 4 years. You are pretty much selling aoa as a complete C172 to large jetliner course. There is even a map on the front page that says “Fly the whole plan today!” and shows JetSet between AviatorPro and the 777, 737, MD-11, etc. courses.

  • YuYang Zhao

    When does this coming up? Seems like people are waiting for years and years. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Frank Muller

    we will see
    i hope the quality will be the same as the others

    • trump

      show some of your hot stuff

  • v0ltair3

    Hi Chris,

    Is this definitely abandoned ?

    Its really sad to see this project on the shelf, by far the most professional training for simulation, perhaps with some media awareness you could bring a newer enthusiastic generation around!!! Event if you charge for a small amount of money for this one or perhaps share a few set of episodes assuming you managed to prepare a few.

    Really hope you can reactivate this outstanding project!

    All the best!

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