I get emails all the time asking me where to download Aviator90 Episodes. Many of these people want to be able to view them offline, and simply have them forever in their video library.

I can understand why this would be such a huge draw!

For those of you who want to get the Aviator90 HD Downloads, READ ON!

(For more information on what Aviator90 is, click here)

As you know, Aviator90 is completely free. You can access and watch the videos, get questions answered and read the study guide all for free. I created it for the community as a whole to enjoy, and I don’t ask for anything in return!

However, when it comes to downloads, there are costs involved in the transfer. We don’t run downloads from our own website because that would slow everything down, and make your experience horrible.

So, I’m sorry… we can’t offer these downloads for free. BUT…

We’re now offering the Aviator90 Downloads for sale for a very, very low cost. Keep in mind that these episodes are freely streamed on our website, but I understand that there are a lot of people out there that want these on their desktop.

The price of these downloads is $15 USD. This barely covers our cost of this massive training series, but gets you the wonderful Aviator90 series in HD.

BTW, you haven’t seen them in this quality yet. On Vimeo, where they stream from for free on our site, they are compressed. These HD Downloads are much better.

So here, are the details of the deal:

  • All Aviator90 Episodes (45 in total)
  • HD Video (720P)
  • Fast Downloads
  • $15 (.33c per episode)(
  • Instantly accessible
  • One time fee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (as with all our stuff)


This isn’t for everybody, but I’m assuming most of you would love to have these accessible all the time (and this way you can even burn them to DVD).

Thanks for all the amazing feedback and support with Aviator90! We hope this is an extra nugget to improve this awesome training for you.

Throttle On!

Chris Palmer

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