Paint the Angle of Attack 777! Win prizes.


Primer is laid on in a thin layer. The 777 is clean and ready to enter service. Soon it’ll be traversing oceans, scaling flight levels, and touching down in distant destinations.

But hey, she needs a fresh coat of paint! And that’s where you come in.

What To Do

  1. Download the PSD
  2. Paint in Photoshop
  3. Send us a JPEG to THIS EMAIL
  4. Our Community will vote on the best paint
  5. You win!

We’ve put together a PSD (Photoshop Document) that you can use to create the paint scheme.

Painting the layers should be pretty easy. We’ve made it simple and intuitive to paint. It won’t be complicated at all.

Once you’re done, ‘Save for Web’ a JPEG of your paint, and send it to the email above.

We’ll get a good handful of paints, and then we’ll have voting on the best paint. Angle of Attack will be throwing in our own paints in there, from our team, to compete with you guys.

What You Win

If you end up being the winner, we’ll give you the following:

  • Angle of Attack 777 T-Shirt (Seen here)
  • PMDG 777 Training from Angle of Attack (Captains Package)
  • Community Recognition
  • See your livery in the 777 Training

We fully expect this process to be highly competitive and fun. Anyone in the community is welcome to participate, and we should see some pretty decent entries.

Here are a few tips to consider:


  • Use the Provided Logos (some, or all)
  • Use AOA colors (Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gray)
  • Look around our site to see how we use branding
  • Look at current trends in paint schemes on real airlines
  • Keep it clean and uncomplicated (or ignore this)

Final Disclaimer: By doing the paint, you give AOA all rights and permission to use publicly the images and ideas. Also, we’ll take the paint scheme and make it compatible with the PMDG 777 when it is released. The image above is not an image of the PMDG 777.


Join the Conversation!
If you have any questions about how to paint, or the kit, or things in general, we can answer those below. Also feel free to get feedback from community members as you go along. But remember, you could be giving away some of your ideas too?
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