Sleep is one of the most important things in the world to me, I have come to learn. Try as I might, I can’t seem to be one of those “3%” that doesn’t need sleep. In fact, if I wake up in the morning not feeling adequately rested, I find that I’m subconsciously thinking through my schedule on when I can rest next.

Recently, I haven’t slept much at all- because there are more important things going on. Things that motivate, drive me, and give me purpose in my life.

You see, over the last few weeks we have seen some major things happen here at Angle of Attack that we’ve been waiting on for a good while, with another big one just around the corner. In order these are- the release of the PMDG 777, the unveiling of our new website, and the upcoming release of our 777 Training.

All of these events are, of course, interconnected. We wouldn’t be going crazy about the PMDG 777 if we weren’t doing training for it, and we wouldn’t have to release a new website if we weren’t doing training. Because we are releasing such a large training package soon, it only makes sense to have the website done before launch.

To breakdown what this has meant for my sleeping habits, it looks something like this-

  1. The night before 777 release, I decided to jump on TwitchTV and test that system for marketing. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of viewers, and ended up staying up until 3am. It was a blast!
  2. The next day, the 777 was released. I had gotten up at 7am to do another broadcast, and thinking it might be released. It was Tuesday (the first potential release day) after all!
  3. The day was a blur, and a blast. We had hundreds of people watching, and we showed off some great features of the 777 while everyone tried to download the aircraft.

    After about 10 hours of broadcasting, the day finally came to a close.

  4. Then, all hands were on deck for the release of the new website. I thought I was going to be able to do it on Tuesday night, before 777 release, and I’m really glad I didn’t!

    Although the new website is completely different, much easier to use, faster and fixes a lot of issues, there were also a lot of bugs I didn’t plan on.

  5. I released the website Saturday Morning at 1:30AM. I got up at 3AM. I had to take my girlfriend to the airport here in Alaska, which was a 5 hour drive from the rural town I live in.
  6. During that drive, I did my best to answer support tickets (yes, while driving) and keep the wolves at bay. It was soon evident that I had a lot more issues than I realized- and couldn’t do much until I got back home.
  7. 10 hours of driving, and 2×5 Hour Energy Shots later, I was back home and straight to my computer fixing all of the reported issues- and they were many.
  8. Finally to bed at 3AM after a blur of tasks, fixes, support tickets, database queries, blog posts, and more.
  9. Up at 8AM, back at it. Worked all day, task after task, and to bed, again, at 3AM

To make a longer story shorter- I am extremely dedicated to what I do here at Angle of Attack.

We have some major things swirling around right now, with the 777 Training on the doorstep, and this new website and all it’s new functionality getting released.

We’ve been working on the 777 Training for a full year now, and the new website since May. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long for both.

Here we are, in this time of most importance, and it’s taking a lot of work.

And I realized- this energy I have had to break through all of this really intense and hard work isn’t the 5 Hour Energy left over in my body- it’s the passion I have for Angle of Attack, and how dedicated I am to making the user experience here at Angle of Attack top notch.

For the time being, I have found something much more important than sleep. Thank goodness it’s only temporary! Here we are in the launch weeks (PMDG 777, Website, 777 Training) and it’s crunch time!

Through this process, especially with the website, I ask all of you to be patient, contact support, let us know how we can improve, and we’ll soon show you how much better your experience at Angle of Attack will be.

It took us a lot of work to get where we are with this new site, but we are positive this is a great new direction. Just ask the many people that have signed up for Aviator90 in the past few days, and were able to access their training in a matter of minutes.

We appreciate your support and your business, but most of all, your contribution to this community. We recognize that you are an integral part in what we do and the core reason we do what we do. We Create Aviators. That is our purpose here. So far, we hope you are becoming the Aviator you always wanted to be.

Throttle On

Chris Palmer

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  • digitaldizza

    Awesome job to the AoA team! I know how hard it is to migrate to a new website or service and pray that the planning and research pays off with things going smoothly.

    • It’s been hard! Thanks for the props.

    • Ben

      I think they are doing a terrible job with this new website and paid downloads.

      We’re not idiots Chris, you need to be fair to your customers.

      • I am being fair. I’ve opened things up to you guys, and you get to get all the downloads. So I’m really not seeing what the issue is here.

        There’s got to be a give and take here. I can’t leave downloads open forever. Time and time again, users come back and download WAY more data than any other company gives out in a single product.

        It’s something I HAVE to do, not something I WANT to do. If you guys want AOA to stay around, then this is something we have to do.

        • Ben

          How is implementing these changes without telling your customers fair?

          You conveniently ‘forgot’ to tell us and now we only have one week to download the videos. I am not entering my credit card information with your website again.

          Very unprofessional and *unfair*.

  • Oliver Donner

    You gotta be kidding!!! Now we suddenly have to pay extra to download the videos???? What nonsense is this? When you said that you would work on the download issue with no word was mentioned that you were thinking about double dipping us for the downloads!

    I gotta say…I feel cheated! After all this waiting time, not watching the videos because I like to watch them on my tv while flying THIS is the result???

    VERY VERY VERY dissapointed with you!

    • Moshe Mizrahi

      Just so this now… I think paying so much for the training and then paying again to download looks like a mistake to me, after all the problems and delays with the 737 training, now this… I guess much more sleepless nights to come because AoA will be left without customers.

    • Yes, please check your email. You should have an email from us, Oliver. It’ll fix your issue.

  • Miguel

    Oliver, you have not been reading the letters from AOA regarding existing members, please contact Chris, if you bought any training before the new Web, you will be able to download for free for a period of time.

  • Galeno Garbe

    Take it easy body, you guys are doing an excelent job here. Don’t do this too much, take care of yourself in the meantime to avoid the pleasurable job to became a nightmare.

    • Unfortunately, it is a nightmare right now. There’s a lot to do, and you can see why I’m just opting to stay on it and get it done.

  • Cesar Querol

    Great Job Chris. I’ve followed AoA since the 767 training and i gotta tell you that you don’t need to tell us how dedicated to this you are. If you have been around in the flightsim community you know who Chris and Nick are. I love the passion you put to it and I want to thank you for the effort put into AoA. Greetings from Argentina!!

  • Maurice

    One would have to be a complete fool if one did not expect new issues/problems after switching to a completely new website. These things never happen seamlessly. All & all, I was very pleasantly surprised at how fast these issues are getting resolved and in my opinion, the A of A team is doing a great job. Everything may not be working 100% yet, but this isn’t the end of the world, so no need to join the doomsday preppers 🙂

    • Thank you very much. I and the team are doing the best we can to fix the issues on the site, get people educated on how to use the new site, and also dealing with a lot of other support issues. Thanks for recognizing our hard work.

  • Draion

    Chris, if I download the whole content in one weeks time it will cost me more than what I payed for the whole program. Not all of us have free internet you know. DO you know? I didn’t RENT this product, I BOUGHT it. Even before it was released. After all you’ve put us through during the release of the 737 training, after all the failures to keep your promises, now this?? How can you ever think that this is fair? Imagine you buy a car, and after 2 years, just because the showroom went through reconstruction the dealer says, well, the car is yours but you can’t take it with you anymore. You gotta park it here after you’re done driving…
    Can you please try to come up with a solution, while I try to keep calm?

    • The videos are still available for streaming, always. Forever. There have been others talking about using tools to grab the streams from that. That’s completely fine with me. I just can’t allow free reign on our downloads.

  • vulcanreef

    Mayne you can’t sleep because of the guilt of now charging us for the downloads!

  • Josh

    I was on the edge as to whether purchase the 777 training materials or not. Hearing of others people disgust with paying to download the videos, I will not be.

    As for Chris replying to support tickets whilst driving, that sounds disgustingly dangerous. Nothing irritates me more than people who endanger other people’s lives by being distracted on their phone whilst driving.

    • Olivier

      Agree with you 100% – no 777 for me either – as far as driving while working is concerned, it is hard to stay polite….

    • Goodness…

  • John Pylant

    I posted this as a guest because my username and password are
    no longer accepted, Email to technical support goes unanswered, as well as
    posts in the past concerning the 737 training I bought from you. I gather from posts here that if I do not buy
    the 777 training very soon I would also have to pay to download certain
    portions of it. Carrot and Stick? As long as AOA denies access to materials
    already paid for I will not even consider buying the 777 nor the training for

    • I’ve been going through support, and answering all the tickets.

      You need to login at, where it directs you to. I’ll get to your ticket soon enough.

  • Peter

    I bought this to be able to study it whenever I felt like, but as it took a long time for things to work reasonably well, I decided to wait till everything is ready. Now I am deciding to accept the loss of what I paid and am out .

    • Peter, everything has been out since March. And you still have access to your downloads, and forever access to streaming. So I’d say you can still get in there and study whenever you’d like, wouldn’t you?

  • Erik Kuppens

    Are you kidding ? I have to pay for dowloading the video’s for witch I have payed ?

    • No, you get to download the videos you paid for. They just won’t be available for download again and again.

  • sososo93

    sorry without me for the futur

  • Holdit

    I can’t even log in any more (Aviator Pro customer) and it appears no more downloads after 7 days. – is this correct? If it is, I won’t be renewing.

    • Reegor

      Not correct. The new web site wiped out the old passwords. Just click on the “forgot my password” option and you will be back in business.

    • You need to contact support if you can’t login.

      And you WILL have the opportunity to download after the 7 days, it just won’t be free.

      • Holdit

        Just to be clear, that then would be an additional fee on top of the AviatorPro fee?

  • Brian Sommers

    so basically the same song as dance as before.. lots of talk and one vid what.. every 3-6 months? yoU LOST ME FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THE 737..

    • What are you talking about? GroundWork will be 100% done at release. Flight1 will quickly follow. (in a matter of days) Totally not the same scenario.

      If I lost you, why are you here? None of this is as easy as it looks, and we’ve done a really great job with the 777. Notice how we didn’t release on 777 release day, but we’re waiting for our own product to be completed.

  • digitaldizza

    Guys, it costs a lot in bandwidth to provide HD videos for download and to keep them stored with a content delivery network to make them a fast download. I’m not a fan of having to pay for the downloads either if I’ve paid for the training itself. But I can see why they are having to do this now. It is a business after all and if they can’t keep themselves out of the red, there won’t be any new training at all.

    • Peter D.

      You are right about bandwith and so on, but you can’t do that with existing customers. We have been waiting for month till the new website went live. An no we have to learn that we have to pay again. You can introduce a new model for new customers or new product, but what has happened here, is a No Go. 🙁

      • digitaldizza

        Sure you can with existing customers. Services change over time. You still have access to the training online correct?

        • As of right now, everyone has access to the downloads and access to the videos online. Access to the videos online continues forever, but the downloads will expire. I think it sounds fair.

      • Unfortunately it can’t be both ways because of how things were coded. It makes a lot more sense to do these downloads as they are now, for a week. I think this is a solution that’ll work for everybody.

    • Yes, it is very expensive, especially when you consider people come back several times and redownload.

      I do wish we could keep this in place, but we just can’t. I looked into all the possible low cost solutions I could, but nothing worked out. We have a very affordable service, but it’s not affordable enough. It’s still very expensive for this many users.

  • Maurice

    Am I mistaken here or were the downloads not available for download for several months before the website was changed? If I am right (not sure about that), then a 2 weeks notice now would only affect those who signed up very recently and in that case, they should be allowed to have more time to download the videos.
    But for anybody who signed up a year or more ago, why did you wait until now to download the videos? Were you not able to download in the past? I am asking because I never did that either and I think I have no right to complain now if the videos have been available for a long time and I neglected to act before.

    Just curious.

    • Draion

      If you buy a game on Steam, you can download it again and again, as long as Steam exists. If you buy music from itunes, the same. Buy an add-on for FSX, likewise, it’s yours. Even if your hard drive fails and you lose your data for some reason, which is what happened to me. Otherwise, what’s the point of it being a digital product?

      • For a game or a program, you are required to download that program or software to take part in what you bought. For us, you are buying a video training course. You still have access to the videos.

        Comparing a small company like Angle of Attack to giants like Steam or Apple also isn’t a fair comparison.

        And not all FSX addons are free to download again. Look at PMDG, for example.

    • My thoughts were somewhat the same. Customers who bought in the last 6 months would get access to the videos. We’d enable it for them. However, anyone beyond that, we didn’t initially allow to download.

      But apparently that wasn’t going to work, so for long time customers (thank you for all your support) we enabled the downloads for a week.

  • Mats

    Since the streaming videos remain free I see no reason why most of
    the people who are worried about the download price can not simply
    install the free Mozilla Firefox browser with the free FlashGot add-on
    or similar solutions for other web browsers.

    Then the flash content is downloaded in Full HD (if that was the selected
    play setting) and it does not cost AoA (nor us as users) anything extra
    since the download behaves just like streaming.

    Then just play the .flv file using VLC or any other free but excellent video player.



    • Draion

      Well how come it’s OK to download the videos via a third party software and not via a download button, which is much more convenient?

      • Mats

        I am guessing it is determined by the site that AoA uses. Streaming can only be used for flash/mpg videos and similar video or audio content while downloads are generic i.e. can support any file type.
        I am also guessing that the site might have invested in more advanced equipment for optimising streaming content so they can sell that service at a more reasonable price than download content. /Mats

        • It’s actually not byte for byte. Streaming services are just not as expensive as download services, across the board.

          We use Vimeo and Wistia for our streaming. Per GB, if you compare that to any other service, it’s a LOT cheaper to stream.

      • Maurice

        Sorry, I meant to reply to your earlier reply to me instead of replying to this post.

        If you lose your hard drive and you have no backups, my guess is that the loss of the videos will be the least of your concerns.
        Like any other company, AoA could also go out of business if the revenue stream goes away and I imagine that keeping their business going was a prime consideration in this decision.
        I choose to take responsibility for my actions or lack of actions if I do not download when I have or had a chance.
        I learned a lot by watching these videos and I would do it again with no hesitation even without the downloads, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

        • Draion

          I would have seen it as a “responsibility” and download any videos I missed and quickly make a backup of them if someone told me beforehand that suddenly someday I would lose my right to download them.

          • Maurice

            It seems to me then that a longer grace period would allow everyone enough time to download the videos without breaking the bank if they have bandwith limits.
            Based on all the negative feedback so far, it would be prudent for AoA to extend the grace period to at least 3 months. It would be a real shame to lose this great training because it became financially impossible to maintain it.

          • Draion

            In my opinion, a better solution would be to grant the right to “download every item once for free”, no time limit.

          • That’s not really my issue. The issue is that users download many more times than once. And our system doesn’t allow for a ‘download once’ option.

        • Thank you very much for your support. And yes, this is a ‘matter of survival’ for us. It’s literally something I can’t allow to continue if we are to survive. So there is something we HAVE to do about it.

          It’s going to be incredibly expensive this month because we allowed past members to get their content. But that’s ok. I want you guys to be able to get what you paid for.

          I just want to make sure that downloads aren’t ‘getting so out of control that I can’t pay my employees.

    • James

      Sure it doesn’t cost AoA anything. You’re just suggesting we all engage in video piracy to compensate for their outrageous business decision.

      • Mats

        There is no piracy here as far as I can tell as we have already paid for the content. AoA does not wish to charge us for access to the files, they clearly say so, but they have to add a download charge because their website charges them a higher price for enabling downloads.

        It is thus just the download service that has an extra pricetag and we do not need to use it. There is no extra load or extra cost for the site nor for AoA since downloading the flash content is the same as watching it real-time.

        • Piracy isn’t the issue at all. I’ve never wanted to do DRM on you guys because I feel that’s really annoying and limiting. People are going to find a way to pirate stuff, even if I build that in.

          We don’t send you files from our actual server. It’s done through a CDN. Because of that, we are charged. The nice thing is that your downloads will be super fast, no matter where you are in the world.

      • It actually costs us a lot. I wouldn’t go through all this trouble if it didn’t cost us something. Really, it does cost a LOT.

  • Michael

    Months ago all the videos were available for download, a couple of months later the 737 training stopped to be available for download. I bought all your products and I´m a suscribed to Aviator Pro now for more then two years. First, if you didn´t charged us at the beginning for downloads why should you now? I paid for all my stuff with you already and I paid for them accepting the terms and conditions that you requested. So if I´m not wrong you are able to change terms and conditions when ever you want and we have to accept that, thats not fair.
    Second not all the countries in the world have a internet connection like Europe or the US, in my case, Guatemala, there are parts in this country where internet is a foreign word. I have a satelite connections wich depends on meteoroligical conditions, and believe me in a tropical country we have very havy TS every day at the same time. To make thinks short I have a 1.3 GB amount that I can download at a rate of 100kbs/s not a big thing DAILY!!! So for me it is impossible to stream anything because in a couple of minutes I´m without internet. My only chance to download anything is at midnight where all internet restrictions are cancelled until 6 am. I tell you this because I think you forget that your customers are not only from the US or Europe.
    Third point do you guys really think that you will avoid piracy with this? Come on, you now that is impossible!! If you offer a quality product most people will buy it, all PMDG products are cracked for free I bought all of them because I think they are wort it. Thats the way it works today.

    You have to be fair with us I have paid AOA around US$600 for the AvPro sucription ($15 each month for more then 2 years) and all the other trainings, don´t threat us like this!!!

    I believe you made a great job so far but your customer service is terrible believe me guys thats not the way to get more customers. And one thing will be sure for me I will not buy the 777 training, I never finished the 737 because I can not watch MY videos!!!

    Mike Müller

  • Michael

    By the way I´m not able to get into my account….any clue what happens?

    • Mats

      Try first your user name and also your e-mail in the user name box. Also of course try requesting a new password if needed by following the “forgotten password link” and if you do get an automatic reply then at least you know the account is still there :-).

      If you still can not get in I guess you should e-mail support:


    • Make sure you’re logging in at

  • Reegor

    I spent some time with this last night, and it’s not nearly as big a deal as it seemed. ALL THE STREAMING HAS NOT CHANGED. So you can review the lessons at any time. We are not losing anything, except the option to view HD videos without an internet connection. Admittedly, I downloaded some of the videos from time to time, so I could watch them in places like Starbucks – after next week that will only work for the Standard Definition.

    The one exception is the Linework videos, which are apparently a month-by-month subscription.
    For Linework: a) you can DL the 480p quality videos, and save them.
    b) For the next week, you can DL the HD videos – see Chris’s email explaining the secret code. Some of them work, I got them last night. Others seemingly did not work.

    Comment on “Why?” My guess is that he signed up with a new streaming service (at least, I had never heard of it) which is charging very low prices for now to build its business. So even though the number of bytes is about the same, the cost to AOA is much lower than for downloading. But that’s just a guess.

    • Reegor

      By the way, this is a classic quote:

      “Although the new website is completely different, ….there were also a lot of bugs I didn’t plan on.”

    • Igor Petrov

      Hi Reegor, was it like a single link to the dowanload that worked, you you went first to Training, selected 737, then selected FlightWork/LineWork etc? I have them all orange, except for Get started and Extras.

    • That’s completely correct. I’m glad you’re understanding it, and helping others understand too!

      For products that aren’t subscriptions, like AviatorPro and LineWork, you get the streaming version FOREVER! We’ll eat that cost. We want you guys to have your videos, and training. We really do.

      But if people are coming back everyyear, or every few years, to download all the videos again, I don’t believe AOA should be responsible for that charge.

      Come back and view them? Of course, please, go right ahead.

      We just can’t have all these high costs.

      If a customer downloads the videos 3 times (after leaving FS for a while and coming back, or losing a harddrive) our costs go up 3 times what they were, without us getting anything in return.

      It’s fair.

  • Michael

    where is my mail? do you eliminate mails that are not of your liking now. There are a lot of things from AOA that I didin´t like and I still pay you!!!

    • I’m really confused by this… I don’t know where the mail is, please check your spam. Or send us a shout at support, and we’ll make sure you’re signed up.

  • Igor Petrov

    Please extend some more time for the downloads, now for us to sleep in our turn. Trust me we earn our money not easier than you, so, please, let’s respect each other on this. I’ve posted my question everywhere in your support, that even after all the hassle with filling out the form with the coupon, receiving confirmation and successful login, there are still no links for the Captains package. All I see in the 737 training is: Get Started button (green) and Extras button. The rest are all orange. And the time is ticking away after using the coupon.

    • I’ll get around to your support ticket. I’m looking at this medium first. Those will be grayed out if you don’t have the correct packages. So if you don’t have the Captains Package, some will be grayed out.

  • Igor Petrov

    Have just checked my older email and it’s working. The system never updated my email, even though it was different on the order. I’ll live with this. Thanks.

    • Hmmm, but did we ever have the updated email? You should be able to change you email in your account.

  • j_wrieden

    love the new look, WOW,

  • Nicola Cammisa

    Here are my 2 cents ….

    At the time when existing AOA customers bought into their training course(s), the sales agreement’s T&C stipulated that we were allowed unlimited Streaming and unlimited HD downloads.

    I guess that everyone can and will agree that agreements’ T&C may change over time.

    My gripe is only about how it was done as well as about the limited time frame given to us for the “so called” free downloads that were free in the first place.

    My point is, we all understand costs and we could have been more supportive of those changes if AOA had been a little more upfront with their customers, allowing them more time, instead of sending an email that sounded like “Hey customer, you know what?, we have just changed OUR terms and conditions. Here is a coupon that gives you 48hours from NOW (time of the email sent) to register and when you do so you will get 7 days within which you may download for free those HD videos that you already paid for”.

    Personally, I do a lot of travel. I am just lucky that I am staying put in these couple of weeks. What if I was out of town with limited connection?

    And what about those customers who do not have unlimited connection and have to limit the amount of time they stay connected and/or the amount of data they can download in any given time frame?

    Last night I had to overcome the initial frustration when the site appeared to be either down or everyone was trying to download.

    At the moment, it seems it’s working and I am rushing those downloads, only hoping that I will be able to download everything.

    And, to answer some who have asked, I for one never downloaded those videos because of the knowledge I had that they would have been always available when I wanted them.

    I only bought the 737 Captain package from AOA and I pledged to never buy anything again. And that only because I felt been bullied. And the only way to react to that attitude is to either bring my business elsewhere, or close my wallet if no alternatives are available.

    And since I am having difficulty with signing up to add my comments with my AOA account credentials (I only have 1 more attempt still available), I have no choise but to submit this by signing in as a guest.

    Try and keep your head up, Chris!

  • Miguel

    Chris, please check the email I sent you, I am blocked from accessing the 737 training.

  • Michael Müller

    Ok I will give it another try,

    Chris I well remember when AOA started a couple of years ago, I downloaded your entire 747 course as a torrent, and after that I thought “No this guy really diserves my money” so I deleted the whole package and bought it on your web. After that AvPro, I signed up for the course, paying each month my fee, then the problems started by AoA, no more videos for a long time I didn´t remember exactly how long but you still charged me every month. Ok no problem!! We as a community must help each other and that 15 it´s not that bad. We must do what we can for our great hobby. The frequency of the videos droped from 3 or 4 in one month to 1 if we were lucky. It was annoying but ok lets help this guy with his great idea and keep paying. After that I bougth the MD. No problem with this one because videos were already done. Then the 737, help me to remember but more or less it took you a year for the ground training to be completed. But fine I don´t pay a monthly charge for it so I was and still be very patient.

    And now we as a community need something from AoA and thats the answer…is this fair?

    I can´t stream your videos my internet connection is to bad for that, I live in a country were internet is a foreign word. My satelite connection is very expensive (US$450/month) and I have limitations (1.3 Gb download at a rate of 1Mb.). This restrictions goes from 6am to 12pm. So I only have six hours each day where I can download all I can without any restriction. The problem??? I have to sleep.

    Chris if I´m not wrong I payed AoA more or less US$700 in two years, I was patient I really understand your problems and it wasn´t funny for me.

    Not all of us have those great connections from Europe and the US. I will not pay US$30 for a download fee because I think it´s not fair.

    I never finished my 737 ground lessons because I can´t watch them, same with Avpro….my question is what should I do with the 777? buy it? for what?

    And believe me Chris I´m not one of those guys that goes to the badroom and comes out with a bag of money. I have to work hard for each cent I earn.

    So please Chris think one time about this. We understood your problem and we are still here, and now we need that AoA understands our problem. The question is will AoA be there for us?

    just think about it, please!!

    Thank you

    Michael Müller

  • Florian Lieb


    you can hold existing customers with this download practice, but you can not get new customers like me.

    The chance to download once is a minimum! Or sold your Produkt with a puplisher like Simmarket or Flight1, they offer unlimited downloads for all products with no extra charge!

    • I have a feeling those companies wouldn’t offer that service with the size of our products- because there is no one else in simulation that comes even close to our total file sizes.

      Our prices are already incredibly fair. And although we have to charge for downloads now, we still offer unlimited streaming.

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