Today is was announced from Navigraph that nearly all of their services have been improved to one extent or another. This can only be good news for simulator pilots who rely on the services from Navigraph to provide them with up to date information to safely navigate the virtual skies.

Navigraph offer several major product lines, all of which work together to one extent or another. When you think Navigraph, this charts and Nav Data. Navigraph provides you with a large range of airports in which to download the charts for. They also offer enroute charts, video tutorials on approaches, and of course Nav Data.

At Angle of Attack, we are huge supporters of Navigraph. We use their services for nearly every product we do. If you are part of our 737, 747, MD11 or our upcoming 777 Training, you have undoubtedly seen Navigraph charts. In fact, we provide (with permission from Navigraph) all the charts for the airports we use in our training.

Some of the major things updated:

  • New FMS Data Product
  • New Charts Client and New Data Revision
  • New Payment System
  • New Prices
  • New Customer Fidelity Program

Below is a brief summary of the changes at a glance. Further and in depth details can be found on this news post at Navigraph.

New FMS Data Product

Navigraph has updated even the current version of Nav Data (1301) to include 13,034 airports (20% more than original), 33,685 runways (16% more than original), 24,254 IAPs (55% more than original) , 21,597 STARs (6% more than original), 31,686 SIDs (5% more than original), available in 48 different addon formats.

Big update! If you have already downloaded the original 1301, 1301 rev2 is available at no extra cost from your account.

New Charts Client and New Data Revision

nDac 4.0 is now the most up to date client for viewing charts, printing charts, etc. This is basically your portal to purchase new charts and access already purchased material.

Be sure to update this!

New Payment System

Credits are being phased out for a new and more transparent system that automatically charges your saved account. This makes the whole process much more simple, much like buying and App on iTunes. All you do is get the charts, and you don’t really need to think about it from there! No more connecting credits and so on.

Credits are no longer available for purchase, but if you already have credits, they are valid for 270 days from now.

New Prices

There are some slight price changes that you’ll have to be aware of. Across the board, the prices have gone up. But based on the new functionality of the entire system, general inflation, and also the fact that everything is now cloud based (you don’t have to locally backup your charts) I’d say it’s fair!

New Customer Fidelity Program

There will be priority support, beta team offers, and discounts for loyal customers. There are different levels you can get to, and your discounts get deeper the more charts you buy.

What do I do?

Immediately? You need to update to nDac 4.0 and update your Nav Data to 1301 rev2. That’s it!

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