SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #10 of 15

When the 777 first entered service, it was a whole new type of aircraft; highly digital, modeled and tested in 3D, efficient in many respects. In this increasingly digitized environment, there would be a lot more computers managing aircraft operations.

777 Training Team Bios- Robert Hoisan

I’m Robert Hoisan and my main job at AOA involves animating and video editing. I bring to life wonderful static illustrations created by a hard working team and I do so under the strict guidance of another hard working team that deals with scripts and storyboards.

SNEEK PEAK: 777 Training Preview #9 of 15

The 777 has 2 engines. True or false? False. The engine has THREE engines. The APU, located in the tail of the aircraft, can provide electrical power and bleed air for various flight operations, especially on the ground.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #6 of 15

Flying the 777 is a matter of pulling, turning and pushing the control column, right? Wrong. These days it’s common to get Fly-by-Wire, which means electronic signals are sent to the different controls based on input.

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #5 of 15

Can you imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost all airspeed indications on your flight deck? First, you’d have no idea the limits of the aircraft based on airspeed. Are you close to stall? Overspeed?

SNEAK PEEK: 777 Training Preview #4 of 15

Imagine slamming forward the throttles, and climbing like a bat out of (you know where) to climb to your cruise altitude. All seems well. But then the cabin crew reports that the passengers are blocks of ice in the -60 degree air.

777 Training Team Bios- Michael Pittman

Ever since I can remember, I have known that I wanted to have a career in the aviation industry. I spent my early years in Houston, TX, where my Dad worked for NASA as an astronaut trainer. While I was out playing in the sandbox with my brother, I would hear the roar of a jet engine screaming by our house. I would stop what I was doing, spring up, and look upwards towards the sky to catch a glimpse of a T-38 astronaut trainer speeding by. I knew that I wanted to experience that “free” feeling of flight for the rest of my life.

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