Time Flies: What is your 2013 Flight Training plan?

Every new year, most people start to think about what they want to achieve with this magical new time that is given us. A new year comes every year, yet, we all still strive to be better, do better, and achieve lofty goals.

The Preflight Plague

A 41 year Senior Captain clicks the door behind, entering his Airline’s crew planning area. Meeting him there early and eager is a young fellow, 30 years his younger, the first officer for the day- a lucky guy, having gotten on the heavy aircraft.

5 Handy Tips for Solid Hand-Flying

These days, the art of hand-flying seems to be a bygone era. Unfortunate as that may be, it’s the result of highly automated aircraft taking the flying opportunities from pilots. Catch 22 works in ironic ways, as the pilot is the one that has to turn on the autopilot in the first place, making him the creator of his own demise.

Curve-ball! Learning to Adjust

When learning how to fly, students are generally taught new tasks by simply memorizing procedures. This is a great way to introduce a new concept to the student, but if they don’t eventually understand what is fully happening, they wont be able to cope with any abnormalities that will eventually, and inevitably occur.

Aviator's Trifecta

Learning to fly is so much more than just learning how to push and pull on the yoke, talk on the radios, and trying to look cool. During my flight training, I was taught early on that to be a professional pilot you need to acquire and stay proficient in three areas of expertise: airmanship, knowledge, and judgment. If you only have two of the three at your disposal, then you’re not your true potential as an aviator. Let’s take a look at each part.

737NGX GroundWork Complete!

Over the past 11 months our team has been working their buns off delivering our most comprehensive systems training to date. Thousands of hours, many meetings, and a whole lot of hard work and perspiration later, we’re DONE!

JetSet Survey

Many of you have heard about the upcoming JetSet Training from Angle of Attack. Well, we’ve finally announced what it is all about. And now it’s time to choose exactly what you want to learn.

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